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(this page last updated in 2011)
  • December 2011, Holly earns her RA title.

  • April 2011, Alex earns her RN title, with a score of 98 and 4th place out of 30 entries.

  • January 2011, "Ginny", a little Pointer ("Marjetta Moonshine"), joins the family.

  • December 2010, Holly earns her RN title.

  • August 2010, Alex earns her 2nd RN leg, with a score of 94 and 3rd place.

  • Pointer Stats for 2009 --- Keeley, #1 Obedience Novice Pointer, #1 Overall Rally Pointer, #1 Rally Excellent Pointer, and #1 Rally Advanced Pointer. Trader, #2 Rally Novice Pointer.

  • December 2009, Keeley earns the RAE-2 title, winning BOTH classes for her 20th QQ !!!!!!!!!!!

  • November 2009, "Jessie", a little German Shorthair ("Snowcreek's Winter Moon"), joins the family.

  • September 2009, Keeley earns her CD title at the Eugene cluster !!! ... she did 3 shows there ... thursday: score of 195 and class first, entry of 15, friday: score of 193, class 4th, and new CD, entry of 15, and saturday: score of 190 and class 4th, entry of 15.

  • August 2009, Alex earns her first Rally Novice (RN) leg with a class first and a perfect score of 100.

  • July 2009, Trader earns his RN title.
  • June 2009, Trader, at age 7, begins going for his Rally Novice Title.

  • March 2009, Keeley earns her first CD leg at the Chintimini show, with a class 3rd and a score of 193.

  • December 2008, Keeley tries for a CD leg, but blows a 195 score and 1st in class when she anticipates the recall.

  • October 2008, Keeley earns her RAE title.

  • September 2008, Lissa earns an RAE5, placing her with only a handful of others in the Nation to attempt this !!!!!!!!!

  • August 2008, Holly earns a leg towards her RN title with a class first and a perfect score of 100.

  • November 2007, Lissa earns an RAE4 - the first dog in the Pacific Northwest to earn this title, putting her in probably the top 20 in the nation.

  • October 2007, Siren earns her CHAMPIONSHIP with owner Bev Wanjon at Riverside.

  • September 2007, Keeley earns an RA, with scores which included one perfect score.

  • September 2007, Siren goes back home with 14 points and both majors. Holly shows up.

  • July 2007, Lissa earns an RAE3 - quite possibly the first dog in the Pacific Northwest to earn this title.

  • March 2007, Siren picks up her second major.

  • January 2007, Siren takes BOW and a 4-point major under Judge Burns at the big "Rose City Cluster", Portland, Oregon. Two days later she again takes BOW, only the major broke.


  • November 2006, Lissa picks up first two legs towards an RAE3.

  • October 1, 2006, Lissa earns an RAE2 - quite possibly the first dog in the Pacific Northwest to earn this title. Now on to an RAE3 while we begin putting Utility together.

  • September, Lissa earns her CDX on the Eugene circuit !!!!!! ... yippie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • June, Keeley earns her Rally Novice Title (RN) with three first places and scores of 98, 100, and 100.

  • June, I trash my knee which takes me out of the breed ring with Siren and Alex, for what appears to be quite some while. But I can do rally !!!!!!!!!.

  • June, Lissa earns her first CDX leg at the Puyallup shows.

  • April, Lissa earns her Rally Advanced Excellent title (RAE) by having two PERFECT runs of 100, and winning both classes ... she is the first pointer to earn this title ... to get an RAE the dog/handler must "double Q" ten times in both Rally Advanced and Rally Excellent ... the next day Lissa earned her first leg towards an RAE2 with QQ and once again winning both classes ...

  • April, Trader earns his American Championship by going BOB over 3 specials for a 4-point major, giving him a total of 4 majors ...


  • October/November, Siren, the foster vizsla, picks up 3 points ...

  • September, Josie earns her Rally Advanced title (RA) at 11 years and 10 months !!!!!! while Lissa ended the year with 3 RAE legs ...

  • July, Alex, a little bobbed-tailed pointer (a.k.a. a "German Shorthair") joins the family ...

  • June, Siren, another foster vizsla, joined the family ... she should be her for about a year ...

  • March, Lissa earns her Rally Excellent title (RE) with good runs and tail always wagging !!!!! ... she is the first pointer to earn this title and one of the first 3 in the Pacific Northwest, and only one of a handful of dogs (all breeds) in the U.S. ...

  • March, Josie, the 11-year-old vizsla lady earned herself a Rally Novice title (RN), including one run of a perfect 100 which earned her a Rally High-In-Trial !!!!!!!!!!! ... not bad for an old lady ...

  • February, Lissa earns her Rally Advanced title (RA) with a fantastic run, class first, and a perfect 100. The next day she got a "spare" leg with a run of 99 and a class 2nd. Shows were the Linn County K.C. ... Lissa is the first pointer to earn this title and one of the first 4 in the Pacific Northwest ...

  • January, Rally becomes and official AKC event. Lissa earns her Rally Novice Title (RN) and 2 legs towards her Rally Advanced title, at the Puyallup and Portland clusters.


  • November, Abbey comes out of retirement to take a 3-point major to finish her championship, limp and all, Willamette K.C. ...

  • September, Lissa wins the Novice Rally class at Richland K.C. ...

  • September, Keeley picks up her first point at 7 months at the Eugene Cluster ...

  • September, "Bev's Josie" goes back home to become a mom ... she never made the show ring ...

  • August, Corey finished her American Championship with another major, making that four majors, all from the Bred-By class ... not bad for a bitch with a broken tail !!!

  • July, Lissa wins the Rally Advanced and Rally Excellent classes at Luckiamute Dog Training Club trials ...

  • July, at Brush Prairie Circuit, Keeley makes her 6 month and 0 day old debut !!!! ... judges think she's cute ...

  • June, Abbey retires due to injury and Trader comes back out ... Tray needs singles to finish ...

  • April, Lissa wins Rally Novice and Rally Advanced classes at Yakima K.C. ...

  • March, Keeley ("Snowhawk Redfern's Katmai") joins the family ...

  • March, Phineas, the new dog mobile, makes his debut camping trip after a year of repair ...

  • March, Lissa, high-scoring Rally, Chintimini KC

  • March, Lissa, 1st place, Novice Rally with an entry of 54, Chintimini KC

  • March, Lissa, 1st place, Advanced Rally with an entry of 12, Chintimini KC

  • January, Corey, 3rd major, Rose City Cluster

  • January, Katie, Am/Can/Int'l Ch, Int'l BIS, Am/Can Group winner, Marjetta English Kate, Am.CD, passed away

  • November, "Bev's Josie" joins the family ... she is Riley's sister, owned by Bev Wanjon ... and can she jump !!!!!!!!!

  • October, Maddie, new CD !!!, Portland KC, bench show, judge Mr. Andrus

  • October, Lissa, 2nd in Novice Rally, entry of 35, Portland KC, bench show

  • October, Lissa, 3rd in Advanced Rally, Portland KC, bench show, her 1st attempt at Advanced, entry of 4

  • October, Lissa and Maddie, PDOC, one of the most hilarious braces ever seen, ending with a wrestling match in the center of the ring ... the brace is officially retired

  • September, Trader, 2nd major, Richland KC, judge Lowell Davis, spent 3 hours tiring him out to keep him from goofing off !!!!!!!

  • September, Trader, reserve to a major, Richland KC, judge Arlene Davis, he NEVER had "4 on the floor" !!!!!!!!!!!! ... I need to leash-break this dog ...

  • September, Riley, 1st major, Richland KC, judge Arlene Davis

  • September, Riley, reserve, Richland KC

  • August, Corey, 2nd major, Olympic KC, judge Marjorie Martorella

  • June, Corey, Best-In-Match, All-Breed, Willamette English Setter Club

  • June, Riley, Best-In-Match, All-Breed, Tualatin KC

  • January, Corey, 1st major, at 7 months, Rose City Cluster, judge Karin Ashe

  • January, Abbey, 1st major, Rose City Cluster, 2nd weekend out

  • January, Lissa, new CD !!!, Puyallup Cluster

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