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Northwest Journey -
"A Photographic Website"

"NorthwestJourney.com" website is my "home page" with links to all my major websites and projects

The Columbia River -
"A Photographic Journey"

"Lewis & Clark's Columbia River - 200 Years Later" ... Over 4,000 images along the Columbia River along the route that Lewis and Clark took, with quotes and historical tidbits

Ridgefield National
Wildlife Refuge -
"A Photographic Journal"

Thousands of images of birds, wildflowers, and other wildlife seen within the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge.

"Birds" -
"My photographic lifelist"

Currently topping 300 birds, my "photographic lifelist" features birds from Washington, Oregon, and a few other states, now with its own domain name "NorthwestBirding.com".

"Wildflowers" -
of the Pacific Northwest

Closein and distant images of many of the wildflowers and weed blossoms found in Washington and Oregon, mostly along the Columbia River corridor.


Current, Remembered, and Not-Forgotten Family "Kids", includes brags, highlights, thumbnail images ... not necessarily up-to-date

The Latest News

Some, but not all, brags on how we're doing and/or what's happening ... not necessarily up-to-date

Pointers and Vizsla

Pointers and Vizslas have VERY different personalities

"Dog Mobiles"

Pictures of my Toyota Chinook ("Chinookie") and the Toyota Dolphin ("Phineas") and how they are setup for dog camping.

"Pink Flamingo Story"

Lissa and Siren with "Phineas" and the Pink Flamingo

Pointer Pedigrees

Mine, Others, Current, HUNDREDS of Historical, Solids, "Tri's", Scanned images, etc., including "From Jake to Drake - 41 Generations of Fathers and Sons"

"500 Years of Pointer History and Trivia ... and other interesting facts"

Pointer History over 500 years, including Crufts, Westminster, Pointer Firsts, etc.

Photo Album

Pictures and More Pictures ... of the Dogs, Shows, my Folks, my Niece, and even my sister's Horse ... arranged with little thumbnail images ... includes link to the "Dog Mobiles" (a.k.a. the Toyota Chinook and Dolphin) ...


Gene and I worked on volcanoes for over 30 years ... Gene surveyed and I was a photographer ... this page contains moderate-sized images of some of my favorite images I photographed.


Gene has to have a page too.

English River

A few examples of my artwork ... includes the "twins" on a ceramic tile, the 1999 Regional Obedience Competition logo, and "details" of a Christmas Card --- PLUS --- "Painting with a Computer"

Christmas Cards

Some of the Christmas Cards over the years ...

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