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NOTE: this list not worked on since March 2006

A dog receives the title of Dual Champion when he has completed both his Bench Championship and his Field Championship. --

  1. DC Scanpoint's Touch O'Troll ("Goliath")
    1987, First Dual Champion in the history of the breed.

  2. DC/AFC Scanpoint's MacKenzie

  3. DC Kinnike Blackthorne ("McCabe")
    McCabe was Kinnike Kennels first Dual Champion. He was the sire of DC Blackthorne Remington Isis JH. CD, VAX.

  4. DC/AFC/Braz. Ch/Ch Ams/S Am Ch Kinnike Wythelde SH. ("Hilda")
    Hilda, littersister to McCabe, was the breed's first DC bitch, She finished her DC at 7 years of age, while still taking time out for two litters, and finished her AFC at 10 yrs of age. [information courtesy Kinnike Kennels Website, 2006]

  5. DC/AFC Kinnike Hedda JH ("Hedda")
    1998, Hedda was Kinnike Kennel's s 3rd Dual Champion and the breed's 5th Dual, and to date (2005) the youngest dual in the history of the breed. Hedda finished her Championship at 9 months and at age 3 she finished her FC for her Dual. [information courtesy Kinnike Kennels Website, 2006]

  6. DC Kinnike Simon JH ("Bubba")
    Bubba was Hedda's littermate.

  7. DC Woodspoint Remington, MH, CD, VAX ("Remi")
    Remi was the mother of DC Blackthorne Remington Isis, JH, CD, VAX.

  8. DC Blackthorne Remington Isis, JH, CD, VAX

  9. BIS, BISS, DC/AFC Kinnike Stewart ("Martha").
    2006, First ever pointer BIS, BISS, and Dual Champion.

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