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"Most important of all bird dog field trials is, of course, the National Bird Dog Championship. With heats of 3 hours duration, this is an endurance stake. Its standards are of the highest. Not only must the winner be able to go the long route at rapid pace but he must also handle to the gun. Whenever a dog wins this greatest of all bird-dog titles one can rest assured that here is a dog that is capable of providing a thrilling day of gunning. The National Championship is no place for an aimless runner. It is a stake for the highest type of shooting dog, the gun dog at the very peak of his ability. ... The first National Bird Dog Championship was won by the Setter (English), "Count Gladstone IV" in 1896. Each succeeding year found a Setter at the top of the class ... until 1909, when the Pointer "Manitoba Rap" gained the crown." -- The Sportsman's Bookshelf, Volume XIII, Hunting Dogs and Their Uses: The Stackpole Company, Harrisburg, PA, 1951

"Next in field trial importance is the National Free-For-All Championship. In this stake the qualifying heats are one hour in length, the finals 3 hours. No dog is out of it until the decision is announced. This stake is quite a difficult one to win. The dog must qualify by turning in a sparkling performance in his one-hour appearance, and then he must go the long 3-hour route in impressive fashion." -- The Sportsman's Bookshelf, Volume XIII, Hunting Dogs and Their Uses: The Stackpole Company, Harrisburg, PA, 1951

  • 2011:
  • 2010: In the Shadow (Pointer, dog)
  • 2009: Lester's Snowatch (Pointer, dog)
  • 2008: Whippoorwill Wild Agin (Pointer, dog)
  • 2007: Funseeker's Rebel
  • 2006: Shell Creek Coin (Pointer, dog)
  • 2005: Cypress Gunpowder (Pointer, dog)
  • 2004: Miller's On Line (Pointer, dog)
  • 2003: Texas Trailrider (Pointer, dog)
  • 2002: Miller's True Spirit (Pointer, dog)
  • 2001: Law's Hight Noon (Pointer)
  • 2000: Marques Gold Rush (Pointer, dog)
  • 1999: Whippoorwill Wild Card
  • 1998: CedarOak Kate
  • 1997: Miller's Silver Ending (Pointer, dog)
  • 1996: Warhoot Rogue (Pointer, dog)
  • 1995: Lipan (Pointer, bitch)
  • 1994: Brush Country Spectre (Pointer, dog)
  • 1993: Quillen's Rising Star (Pointer, bitch)
  • 1992: The Hitchhiker (Pointer, dog)
  • 1991: Quicksilver Pink (Pointer, bitch)
  • 1990: Dunn's Fearless Bud (Pointer, dog)
  • 1989: Whippoorwill's Rebel (Pointer, dog)
  • 1988: Navajo Dude (Pointer, dog)
  • 1987: Whippoorwill's Rebel (Pointer, dog)
  • 1986: Bluff City Mike (Pointer, dog)
  • 1985: Flatwood Hank (Pointer, dog)
  • 1984: Native Tango (Pointer, bitch)
  • 1983: El Sauz Doll (Pointer, bitch)
  • 1982: Heritage's Premonition (Pointer, dog)
  • 1981: Michael's Express Babe (Pointer, bitch)
  • 1980: Builder's Addition (Pointer, dog)
  • 1979: Miss One Dot (Pointer, bitch)
  • 1978: Rex's Cherokee Jake (Pointer, dog)
  • 1977: Allure (Pointer, bitch)
  • 1976: Miller's White Cloud(Pointer, dog)
  • 1975: Volcanic Express (Pointer, bitch)
  • 1974: Crossmatch (Pointer, dog)
  • 1973: Miller's Miss Knight (Pointer, bitch)
  • 1972: The Texas Squire (Pointer, dog)
  • 1971: Wrapup (Pointer, dog)
  • 1970: Johnny Crockett (Setter, dog)
  • 1969: Red Water Rex (Pointer, dog)
  • 1968: Riggins White Knight (Pointer, dog)
  • 1967: Satilla Virginia Lady (Pointer, bitch)
  • 1966: Safari (Pointer, bitch)
  • 1965: (not held)
  • 1964: War Storm (Pointer, dog)
  • 1963: Stormy Tempest (Pointer, dog)
  • 1962: Home Again Hattie (Pointer, bitch)
  • 1961: Spacemaster (Pointer, dog)
  • 1960: Home Again Mike (Pointer, dog)
  • 1959: Palamonium (Pointer, dog)
  • 1958: The Arkansas Ranger (Pointer, dog)
  • 1957: Wayriel Allegheny Sport (Pointer, dog)
  • 1956: Palamonium (Pointer, dog)
  • 1955: Lone Survivor (Pointer, dog)
  • 1954: Warhoop Jake (Pointer, dog)

    "The Field Trial Hall of Fame was initiated in 1954, and since that time, each year, deserving dogs and worthy field trial personalities have been elected." -- American Field: The Sportsman Journal, Website, 2002

    "Induction to the Field Trial Hall of Fame is an honor. The dogs were inducted based on their performance in trials and their ability to produce winning offspring. The Field Trial Hall of Fame is part of the National Bird Dog Museum located in Grand Junction, Tennessee." -- UplandBirdDog.com Website, 2002

    Five pointers were inducted into the Field Trial Hall of Fame in 1954. "Fishel's Frank", "John Proctor", "Luminary", "Mary Montrose", and "Muscle Shoal's Jake".

  • 1953: Shore's Brownie Doone (Pointer, dog)
  • 1952: Paladin (Pointer, dog)
  • 1951: Paladin (Pointer, dog)
  • 1950: Shore's Brownie Doone (Pointer, dog)
  • 1949: Sierra Joan (Pointer, bitch)
  • 1948: Peter Rinski (Pointer, dog)
  • 1947: Saturn (Pointer, dog)
  • 1946: Mississippi Zev (Setter, dog)

  • 1945: Ariel Ariel (Pointer, dog)

  • 1944: (not held)

  • 1943: Ariel Ariel (Pointer, dog)

  • 1942: Luminary Luminary (Pointer, dog)

  • 1941: Ariel Ariel (Pointer, dog)

  • 1940: Lester's Enjoy's Wahoo (Pointer, dog)
  • 1939: Sport's Peerless Pride (Setter, dog)
  • 1938: (not held)
  • 1937: Air Pilot's Sam (Pointer, dog)
  • 1936: Sulu (Pointer, bitch)
  • 1935: Homewood Flirtatious (Pointer, bitch)
  • 1934: Norias Annie (Pointer, bitch)

  • 1933: Rapid Transit (Pointer, dog) ... (R.U. Superlette (Pointer, bitch))

  • 1932: Susquehanna Tom (Pointer, dog) ... (R.U. Superlette (Pointer, bitch))

  • 1931: Mary Blue (Pointer, bitch) ... (R.U. Yankee Doodle Jack (Pointer, dog))

  • 1930: Feagin's Mohawk Pal (Setter, dog)

  • 1929: Mary Blue (Pointer, bitch) ... (R.U. Junedale Allie (Pointer, bitch))

  • 1928: Feagin's Mohawk Pal (Setter, dog) ... (R.U. Seaview Rex (Pointer, dog))

  • 1927: McTyre McTyre (Pointer, dog)

  • 1926: Feagin's Mohawk Pal (Setter, dog) ... (R.U. Seaview Rex (Pointer, dog))

  • 1925: Becky Broomhill Becky Broom Hill (Pointer, bitch)

  • 1924: Doughboy Doughboy (Pointer, dog)

  • 1923: Becky Broomhill Becky Broom Hill (Pointer, bitch) ... (R.U. Doughboy Doughboy (Pointer, dog))

  • 1922: Becky Broomhill Becky Broom Hill (Pointer, bitch)

  • 1921: Ferris Jake (Pointer, dog)

  • 1920: Mary Montross Mary Montrose (Pointer, bitch) ... (R.U. Cobb's Hall (Setter, dog))

  • 1919: Mary Montross Mary Montrose (Pointer, bitch)

  • 1918: Joe Muncie (Setter, dog) ... (R.U. Square Edges (Pointer, bitch))

  • 1917: Mary Montross Mary Montrose (Pointer, bitch)

  • 1916: John Proctor John Proctor (Pointer, dog) ... (R.U. Medford Eugene (Setter, dog))

    "John Proctor", whose dam was "Miss Mariutch", another daughter of "Alford's John", won four championships, including the National Championship of 1916. In all he had 23 wins, 14 of them being first places, and left a long list of winning progeny, 47 in all." -- The Sportsman's Bookshelf, Volume XIII, Hunting Dogs and Their Uses: The Stackpole Company, Harrisburg, PA, 1951

  • 1915: La Besita (Setter, bitch) ... (R.U. Lewis C. Morris (Pointer, dog))

    "The National Championship was first organized and run near West Point, Mississippi in 1896. Later, the competition was conducted on field trial grounds south of Grand Junction, Tennessee; near Rogers Springs, Tennessee; and finally, the Ames Plantation, north of Grand Junction and LaGrange, Tennessee. The National found a permanent home on the Ames Plantation in 1915 and each running since has been on the "hallowed" field trial grounds set in place by Hobart Ames, long time President and Judge of the National Championship. Running on some 6,000 acres of Ames Plantation is now conducted each year beginning on the second or third Monday in February with a usual entry of about 36 English Pointers and /or English Setters, winners or placers in 70 qualifying trials throughout the U.S. and Canada, competing. To be ideally executed, this event requires good populations of native bobwhite quail in an all-age field trial habitat. Several thousand field trial aficionados from all over the world attend the event each year." -- Ames Plantation Website, 2002

  • 1914: Comanche Frank Comanche Frank (Pointer, dog) ... (R.U. Paliacho (Setter, dog))

  • 1913: Phillipides (Setter, dog) ... (R.U. Powhatan (Setter, dog))

  • 1912: Commissioner (Setter, dog)

  • 1911: Eugene M (Setter, dog) ... (R.U. Powhatan (Setter, dog))

  • 1910: Monora (Setter, bitch) ... (R.U. Powhatan (Setter, dog))

  • 1909: Manitoba Rap Manitoba Rap (Pointer, dog)

    "The first Pointer to win the National Championship was "Manitoba Rap", whose bloodlines combined those of "Rip Rap", "Jingo", and "Rush of Lad". He was retired from competition immediately after winning the championship in 1909, when he was still less than three years of age." -- The Sportsman's Bookshelf, Volume XIII, Hunting Dogs and Their Uses: The Stackpole Company, Harrisburg, PA, 1951

    "After a number of years of retirement Mr. Dickey started him ("Alford's John") in the National Championship at Grand Juction, Tenn., in 1909. At this time he was in his ninth year and he surprised the field trial contingent with the race that he put up, for he was game to the core and ran strong to the finish. ... His brace-mate was the young dog, "Manitoba Rap", then less than three years of age. ... The oldest and the youngest in the stake were down together to compete for the greatest honor the field trial world has to bestow. "Manitoba Rap" won it, but "Alford's John" ran a heat that was the talk of the followers." -- Karen Blasche, "Proud Heritage", Pointer Points vol.1-90

  • 1908: Count Whitestone II (Setter, dog) ... (R.U. Danfield (Setter, dog))

    "Three years after "Alford's John" made his first appearance, U.R. Fishel, Hope, Indiana, brought out a youngster named "Fishel's Frank", and won second with him in the Nebraska Derby. Frank ... soon attracted much attention by his spectacular performances and it was not long before breeders were flocking to his banner. He won on many occasions, but the race which brought him more fame than any was a race he lost. This was the National Championship of 1908. "Count Whitestone II" won, but for months afterwards the field trial gallery buzzed with argument that "Fishel's Frank" should have been the new champion. And the dog's fame continued to spread. After this race he was retired to the stud." -- The Sportsman's Bookshelf, Volume XIII, Hunting Dogs and Their Uses: The Stackpole Company, Harrisburg, PA, 1951

  • 1907: Prince Whitestone (Setter, dog)
  • 1906: Pioneer (Setter, dog)
  • 1905: Alambagh (Setter, dog)
  • 1904: Mohawk II (Setter, dog)
  • 1903: Geneva (Setter, bitch)
  • 1902: Sioux (Setter, bitch)
  • 1901: Sioux (Setter, bitch)
  • 1900: Lady's Count Gladstone (Setter, dog)
  • 1899: Joe Cumming (Setter, dog)
  • 1898: Tony's Gale (Setter, dog)
  • 1897: (not held)

    1897 - National Champion Field Trial Association, West Point, Mississippi, January 26, 1897, 5 Entries: "Marie's Sport", "Delhi", "Harold Skimpole", "Minnie T.", and "Tony Boy", declared off. Entrance money refunded. Thermometer 17 degrees above zero. -- Maj. J.M. Taylor, 1907, Field Trial Record of Dogs in America

  • 1896: Count Gladstone IV (Setter, dog)

    1896 - National Championship Association Club, West Point, Mississippi, February 10-12, 1896, Judges: A. Merriman, J.D. King, and W.S. Bell, For Champion Cup: Open to Setters and Pointers that have been placed in any public field trials, 13 Nominations, 11 Starters. First: "Count Gladstone IV", English Setter, "Count Noble" x "Ruby's Girl", owner: Avent & Hitchcock, handler: J. M. Avent. -- Maj. J.M. Taylor, 1907, Field Trial Record of Dogs in America

    "James Monroe Avent (1860-1936), along with Hobart Ames, was responsible for establishing the National Bird Dog Championship in Hardeman County. The bird dog trials continue to be held annually at the Ames Plantation in Grand Junction. Aventís house in Hickory Valley was listed in the National Register on April 25, 2001, because of his role in starting and promoting the bird dog trials. Both Avent and some of the dogs he trained were notable enough to be placed in the Field Trial Hall of Fame. The house is also significant because it is a fine example of the popular Queen Anne style. A variety of sawn and turned woodwork embellishes the house." -- Tennessee Historical Commission Website, 2002, National Register of Historic Places


National Free-For-All Championship

  • 2011:
  • 2010: Josie Wales
  • 2009:
  • 2008:
  • 2007:
  • 2006:
  • 2005:
  • 2004:
  • 2003:
  • 2002: Peacemaker (Pointer, dog)
  • 2001: Fast Track Express (Pointer, dog)
  • 2000: Miller's Excel (Pointer, dog)
  • 1999:
  • 1998: Front Line Spike (Pointer, dog)
  • 1997: Shell Creek Dan (Pointer, dog)
  • 1996: Pleasant Run Dot (Pointer, bitch)
  • 1995:
  • 1994: Lipan (Pointer, bitch)
  • 1993: Brush Country Spectre (Pointer, dog)
  • 1992: Boyette's Spying Sue (Pointer, bitch)
  • 1991: Quillen's Rising Star (Pointer, bitch)
  • 1990: The Hub (Pointer, dog)
  • 1989: Alluring (Pointer, bitch)
  • 1988: Rebel Wrangler (Pointer, dog)
  • 1987: Kreole (Pointer, dog)
  • 1986: Sun Browned Honey (Pointer, bitch)
  • 1985: K's High Rise (Pointer, bitch)
  • 1984: K's High Rise (Pointer, bitch)
  • 1983: Whippoorwill's Rebel (Pointer, dog)
  • 1982: Allure (Pointer, bitch)
  • 1981: Allure (Pointer, bitch)
  • 1980: Allure (Pointer, bitch)
  • 1979: Allure (Pointer, bitch)
  • 1978: Red Water Jupiter (Pointer, bitch)
  • 1977: Barshoe Suddenly (Pointer, bitch)
  • 1976: Monte Bello Peggy (Pointer, bitch)
  • 1975: Attache (Pointer, dog)
  • 1974: Wrapup (Pointer, bitch)
  • 1973: Doctor IJ (Pointer, dog)
  • 1972: Ormond Smart Alec (Pointer, dog)
  • 1971: Wrapup (Pointer, bitch)
  • 1970: Wrapup (Pointer, bitch)
  • 1969: Oklahoma Flush (Pointer, dog)
  • 1968: Air Control (Pointer, dog)
  • 1967: Riggin's White Knight (Pointer, dog)
  • 1966: Jorwick's Dixiecrat (Pointer, dog)
  • 1965: Paladin's Royal Flush (Pointer, dog)
  • 1964: War Storm (Pointer, dog)
  • 1963: Canon (Pointer, dog)
  • 1962: Stormy Tempest (Pointer, dog)
  • 1961: Farmer's Secret Weapon (Pointer, dog)
  • 1960: Home Again Hattie (Pointer, bitch)
  • 1959: Storm Trooper (Pointer, dog)
  • 1958: Medallion (Pointer, dog)
  • 1957: Medallion (Pointer, dog)
  • 1956: Volcano (Pointer, dog)
  • 1955: Palamonium (Pointer, dog)
  • 1954: Lone Survivor (Pointer, dog)
  • 1953: Hall's Stonecraft Babe (Pointer, bitch)
  • 1952: Warhoop Jake (Pointer, dog)
  • 1951: Warhoop Jake (Pointer, dog)
  • 1950: Fast Delivery (Pointer, dog)
  • 1949: Pandemonium (Pointer, dog)
  • 1948: Pandemonium (Pointer, dog)
  • 1947: Texas Boy (Pointer, dog)
  • 1946: Saturn (Pointer, dog)
  • 1945: Ariel (Pointer, dog)
  • 1944: Ariel (Pointer, dog)
  • 1943: The Texas Ranger (Pointer, dog)
  • 1942: Luminary (Pointer, dog)
  • 1941: The Texas Ranger (Pointer, dog)
  • 1940: Rockaby Baby (Pointer, bitch)
  • 1939: Air Pilot's Sam (Pointer, dog)
  • 1938: Norias Aeroflow (Pointer, bitch)
  • 1937: Timbuctoo (Pointer, dog)
  • 1936: Air Pilot's Sam (Pointer, dog)
  • 1935: Shanghai Express (Pointer, dog)
  • 1934: Spunkky Creek Joann (Pointer, bitch)
  • 1933: Norias Roy (Pointer, dog)
  • 1932: Superlette (Pointer, bitch)
  • 1931: Superlette (Pointer, bitch)
  • 1930: Mary Blue (Pointer, bitch)
  • 1929: Superlette (Pointer, bitch)
  • 1928: Ireland's Greymist (Pointer, bitch)
  • 1927: McTyre (Pointer, dog)
  • 1926: Manrico (Pointer, dog)
  • 1925: McTyre (Pointer, dog)
  • 1924: Muscle Shoal's Jake (Pointer, dog)
  • 1923: Muscle Shoal's Jake (Pointer, dog)
  • 1922: Becky Broom Hill (Pointer, bitch)
  • 1921: Shore's Ben (Setter, dog)
  • 1920: Jay R's Boy (Setter, dog)
  • 1919: Jay R's Boy (Setter, dog)
  • 1918: Candy Kid (Setter, dog)
  • 1917: De Soto Frank (Pointer, dog)
  • 1916: John Proctor (Pointer, dog)

Ame's Plantation Website, 2002, National Championship Winners 1966-2002
Fielddog.com Website, 2002, Winners Database, for list of National Championship Winners, 1896-1997
V. E. Willoughby, 1946, The Cream of Pointerdom 1900-1945, p.378, National Championship listed as "National Quail Championship", also National Free-For-All, 1916-1945

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