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Woolton Game (bitch, liver/white, w: February 3, 1887, owner/breeder Mr. G. Pilkington, AKC 14000, EKC 24463)
Woolton Game
"Woolton Game"

""24463 Woolton Game" -- Mr. G. Pilkington's, care of W. Nicholson, Ercall Heath, Market Drayton; breeder, owner; date of birth, February 3rd, 1887; colour, liver and white. By breeder's "Gough" out of his "Larkspur (19510)"; "Gough" by "Garnet (8114)" out of "Doxey (10072)". Barn Elms, 1st; Birmingham, 2nd; Field Trials (National), 1st; and extra for absolute best in the stake." -- EKC Calendar and Studbook, Vol.XVI, 1888

""14000 Woolton Game" -- F.R. Hitchcock, New York, N.Y. Breeder, G. Pilkington, England. Whelped Feb. 3, 1887; liver and white; by "Gough", out of "Larkspur", by "Lake", out of "Dingle", by "Druid", out of "Bess"; "Lake", by "Lancet", out of "Fancy"; "Gough", by "Garnet", out of "Doxey", by "Duke", out of "Bess"; "Garnet", by "Tory", out of "Jessie". Bench Shows -- 1st, Barn Elms, 2d, Birmingham, 1888; 1st, Olympia, 1889. Field Trials. -- 1st, National and extra for absolute best, 1888; 1st, All-aged stake Nationals, 1889." -- AKC Studbook, Vol.VI, 1889


behind "Pilkington's Gough"
"10072 Doxey" -- The Duke of Westminster's, Eaton, Chester; whelped about March, 1879. By "Duke" out of "Bess". -- EKC Studbook, 1880, Vol.VIII

behind "Pilkington's Druid"
""13360 Druid" -- Mr. G. Pilkington's, Stoneleigh, Woolton Hill, near Liverpool; breeder, the Duke of Westminster; date of birth, spring of 1878; colour, liver and white. By "breeder's Sam" out of "his Doxey", by "Tory (6058)" out of "Sal (6092)"; "Sam" by "Lord Sefton's Sam" out of "Lord Lichfield's Bess", by "Noble II (932)" out of "Peg (1258)"." -- EKC Studbook, 1882, Vol.X

Same Doxey ???

Woolton Game

Pilkington's Gough Pilkington's Garnet
(w: 1876)
Pilkington's Tory
(dark liver/white)
(w: 1874)
Grath's Drake
(w: 1868)

click for Garth's Drake

Garth's Rap
Garth's Doll
("Doll I")
(w: 1864)
Moore's Mab

(bred by Rev. Holden, pure Edge blood)

Holdon's Major
Rev. Holden's bitch
Pilkington's Jessie
(bred by Lord Sefton)
(w: 1871)
(Duke of Westminster's)
(w: 1879)
Pilkington's Larkspur
(w: 1884)
(Barclay Field's)
(w: 1881)
Fancy Sefton's Marquis  
(w: 1882)
(w: 1878)
(Duke of Westminster's)
Lord Sefton's Sam
Lord Lichfield's Bess
Doxey Pilkington's Tory
(dark liver/white)
(w: 1874)
(Duke of Westminster's)
(w: 1873)
Col. Littledale's Bess Corbet's Bang  
Col. Littledale's Doll Sir R. Musgrave's Sam
Col. Legh's Fan

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