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F.Ch. Woolton Druid (dog, liver/white/ticked, w: March 1892, breeder/owner Mr. Geo. Pilkington (England), EKC F.T.Champion (see notes below), FDSB 2380, EKC 36082, AKC 60049)

Woolton Druid
"Woolton Druid"
-- Image scanned from Field Dog Stud Book, Vol.II, 1902.

""36,082 Woolton Druid" -- Mr. G. Pilkington's, Woolton, Liverpool; br. owner; wh. March, 1892; c. liver and white. By owner's "Woolton Dick", out of his "Lauri", by "(13,372)" out of "Dingle"; "Woolton Dick" by "Ightfield Dick" out of "Phillis". National Pointer and Setter Field Trials, 4th (Pointer Puppy Stakes); Irish Setter Club Field Trials, 1st (St. Leger Stakes)." -- EKC Studbook, 1893, Vol.XXI

""60049 Woolton Druid" -- J.M.R. Daniels, Cleveland, Ohio. Breeder, G. Pilkington. Whelped March, 1892; liver, white and ticked. By "Woolton Dick", out of "Lauri", by "Lake", out of "Dingle", by "Druid", out of "Bess"; "Lake" by "Lancet", out of "Fancy"; "Woolton Dick" by "Ightfield Dick", out of "Phillis", by "Young Bang", out of "Juno"; "Ightfield Dick" by "Dick III", out of "Belle of Bow"." -- AKC Studbook, 1901, Vol.XVIII

FDSB: "Woolton Druid":
""FDSB 1609, "Young Woolton Druid". J.B. Bisbee, Fargo, N.D., Breeder, F.M. Karr, Eminence, Ky., Whelped May 19, 1901. White, black and ticked dog. Sire, Woolton Druid, Woolton Dick (Ightfield Dick -- Phillis) -- Lawn (Lake -- Dingle); dam, Rip Rap's Jewel, Rip Rap (King of Kent -- Hops) -- Hops III (Brown Stout Jr. -- King Don's Bonny)." -- EKC Studbook, 1900, Vol.XXVIII

EKC: "F.T.Ch. Woolton Druid":
""142E Lunesdale Vera" -- Mrs. Horner; br. Earl Fitzwilliam; wh. 30 May 97, s. "F.T. Ch. Woolton Druid 36,082", d. "Ossory Quida", c. liver and white." -- EKC Studbook, 1900, Vol.XXVIII

""Woolton Druid", white, liver, and ticked; whelped March 1892; sire "Woolton Dick"; dam "Lawn"." -- Willoughby, 1946, The Cream of Pointerdom

Two "Pilkington's Lawn"

First "Lawn", 1881, littermate to "Lake"
  • ""Lawn", b, Mr. G. Pilkington's, by "Lancet" - "Fancy", March, '81" -- EKC Gazette (Kennel Gazette), February 1882, p.46

Second "Lawn", originally "Lauri", 1884

  • ""22240 Lawn" -- Mr. G. Pilkington's, Stoneleigh, Woolton, Lancs.; breeder, owner; date of birth, February, 1884, colour, liver and white. By "Field's Lake (12372)" out of "Dingle". Field Trials (National), Cloverley Stakes, 1st in couple with "Larkspur"." -- EKC Studbook, 1887, Vol.XV

  • ""Lawn", b, Mr. G. Pilkington's, by "Mr. B. Field's Lake" - "his Dingle", Feb., '84" -- EKC Gazette (Kennel Gazette), March 1885

""Woolton Druid" was imported from England and came to this country with a wonderful English reputation, Dr. John R. Daniels, of Cleveland, becoming his owner." -- Hochwalt, 1911

"His breeding is as follows: By "Woolton Dick" out of "Lawn"; the latter by "Lake" out of "Dingle", who is by "Druid" out of "Littledale's Bess", she by "Corbet's Bang" out of "Littledale's Doll", who was by "Sir R. Musgrave's Sam" out of "Col Leigh's Fan". "Lake", the sire of "Lawn" was by "Lancet" out of "Fancy", the latter by "Sefton's Marquis" out of "Pilkington's Jessie" -- familiar names and both pure-bred Seftons. "Lancet" by "Pilkington's Lancet", out of "Leigh's Madge", who was out of "Leigh's Bloom" by his "Mars"; this line is not so well known. "Druid", the sire of "Dingle", was by "Westminster Sam" out of "Westminster Doxey", by "Tory" out of "Sal". "Westmisnter Sam" by "Sefton's Sam", out of "Lichfield's Bess"; this breeding is a Drake-Sefton continuation. "Woolton Dick" was by "Ightfield Dick" --- [note, hole in text, cant read] --- out of "Phillis", a daughter of "Young Bang" and --- [hole] --- who was by "Mike" out of "Juno", daughter of --- [hole] --- "___ II" and "Venus I"." -- Hochwalt, 1911

F.Ch. Woolton Druid

Woolton Dick Ightfield Dick
Dick III
(w: 1880)

Dick III

Dick I
(Barclay Field's Dick)
(w: 1872)
Statter's Major
Statter's Sappho
(Phillip's Belle)

(two different pedigrees for "Belle", see "Dick III" pages for more info)

Belle of Bow Statter's Pax Pilkington's Faust
(w: 1875)
Statter's Patch
Price's Climax
(w: 1879)
Price's Bang
(liver/white, gold cheeks)
(w: 1870)

Price's Bang

Phillis Young Bang
(w: 1874)
Juno Mike  
Venus I

(w: 1884)

NOTE -- both the EKC and AKC entries for "Woolton Druid" list dam as "Lauri" ("Lake" x "Dingle") and not "Lawn" ... FDSB entries list "Lawn" ("Lake" x "Dingle") ... other sources list the dam as "Lawn" ("Lake" x "Dingle") ... This "Lawn" has her own EKC entry (see above) ... could find nothing for "Lauri" ... however, there was an earlier "Lawn" ("Lancet" x "Fancy") making this "Lawn" seem more likely to be a corruption of name "Lauri"


(Barclay Field's)
(w: 1881)
Lancet Pilkington's Lancet  
Legh's Madge Legh's Mars
Legh's Bloom
Fancy Sefton's Marquis  
Pilkington's Jessie
(w: 1871)
Sefton's Monarch
Sefton's Juno

(w: 1882)
(breeder, Duke of Westminster)
(w: 1878)

[EKC 13360]

(Duke of Westminster's)
Lord Sefton's Sam
Lord Lichfield's Bess
(Duke of Westminster's)
Pilkington's Tory
(dark liver/white)
(w: 1874)
Col. Littledale's Bess Corbet's Bang  
Col. Littledale's Doll Sir R. Musgrave's Sam
Col. Legh's Fan

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