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Dual Ch. Woodspoint Remington, CD, MH (bitch, black/white)

"The American Pointer Club's #1 Gun Dog 1998. "Rem" is the first Pointer to become a DUAL CHAMPION, MASTER HUNTER, and COMPANION DOG!" -- Remington Pointers Website, 2001

  • Woodspoint Covey, MH (b/w, w: 1990)

    • Tegew's Chivas Regal (black, white on chest)
      • Sooty Chimney (black)
        • Vito
        • Jamtens Sooty Girl
      • Tegew's Flying Butterfly

    • Tegew's Dianetta (o/w, Sweden)
      • Tegew's Flying Manderina
        • Tegew's Diabold (b/w, Sweden)
        • Tegew's Harmezita
      • Tegew's Diamond Ace


  • Scanpoint Checker Decker, TD, JH

    • Ch. Scanpoint's Blue (b/w)

    • Ch. Scanpoint's Becky (b/w)
      • Ch. Scanpoint's Charger's Chance (b/w)
        • Ch. Scanpoint Crusader's Charger (l/w)
          • Ch. Cumbrian Crusader of Querdon (b/w)
          • Ch. Scanpoint's Red Baroness (o/w)
        • Ch. Hawkpond's Crookrise Bonnie (o/w)
          • Ch. Crookrise Trog of Querdon (b/w)
          • Ch. Hawkpond Nelly (o/w)
      • Ch. Point O'Erin Becky O'Scanpoint (b/w)

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