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Whitehouse's Hamlet (dog, lemon/white, w: April 7, 1861, under 55lbs, breeder/owner Mr. J.H. Whitehouse, EKC 876)
Whitehouse's Carlo (dog, lemon/white, w: April 7, 1861, under 55lbs, breeder/owner Mr. J.H. Whitehouse, EKC 787)
Whitehouse's Mona (bitch, lemon/white, w: April 7, 1861, breeder/owner Mr. J.H. Whitehouse, EKC 1225)

Hamlet, from oil by George Earl
"Whitehouse's Hamlet"
-- Image scanned from W. Enos Phillips, "The True Pointer and His Ancient Heritage", 1970, from an oil painting by George Earl.

""876 Hamlet" -- Mr. J.H. Whitehouse's, Ipsley Court, Warwick (under 55lb.); breeder, owner; born April 7th, 1861; colour, lemon and white. Pedigree: By "Gilbert's (otherwise Bird's) Bob" out of "Juno"; "Bob" by "Battcock's Joker (late Ponto)" out of the late "Joseph Lang's (of Cockspur-street, London) Fan"; "Joker" by "Lord Derby's Rap" out of "Bell"; "Rap" by "Rap" out of "Lord Derby's bitch"; "Fan" by "Lang's Frank" out of "Tom Taylor's Bell"; "Frank" by "Lang's Flint I" out of "Colonel Moore's Doll"; "Bell" by "Lord Ducie's Duncan" out of "Sir Massey Stanley's Bloom"; "Flint" by "Seal's Nero" out of "Mr. Smith's (of Knottingley) Nell" by a "lemon and white dog of Sir H. Gooderich's" out of "Edge's Bell"; "Juno" was by "Frank"." [note, show career is listed in Studbook] -- EKC Studbook, 1874, Vol.I

""787 Carlo" -- Mr. J.H. Whitehouse's, Ipsley Court, Redditch (under 55lb.); breeder, owner; colour, lemon and white, born 7th April, 1861. Pedigree: By "Bird's Bob" out of "Juno", by "Frank"; "Bob (No.756)" by "Battcock's Joker" out of "Lang's Fan". Chief Performance: Birmingham, 1st prize, 1863; champion prize, 1864; champion prize, 1865" -- EKC Studbook, 1874, Vol.I

""1225 Mona" -- Mr. J.H. Whitehouse's, Ipsley Court, Warwick (under 45lb.); breeder, owner; colour, lemon and white; born April 7, 1861. Pedigree: By "Bird's Bob (No.756)" out of "Juno" by "Frank". "Chief Performances: Birmingham, 4th prize, 1862; 2nd prize, champion class, 1864; champion prize, 1865; champion prize, 1866; champion prize, 1867; champion prize, 1868; Ashburnham Hall, Cremorne, 1st prize, 1865 (and many other prizes at Worcester, Leeds, &c.)." -- EKC Studbook, 1874, Vol.I

""Hamlet" was another great dog, born in 1861, and owned by Mr. J.H. Whitehouse of Ipsley Court, Warwickshire who was a founder member of the Kennel Club and exhibitor at all the principal shows from the first exhibition at Birmingham in 1860. He concentrated on keeping his strain of lemon and whites as pure as any in the country. ... His sire was "Gilbert's Bob" and his dam "Juno", the foundation bitch of Mr. Whitehouse's kennel. Although not much is known about her pedigree, she was a good worker in the field. Hamlet was of a different type not seen, being predominantly white with no ticking and was said to be a lithe, clean cut dog, and in the field showed speed and style, far in excess of some of the liver and whites. With the advent of shows and field trials many people saw this coulor and type, creating a small enthusiastic following. Interestingly Hamlet was said to have a short muzzle in relation to his head. Seeing a picture of him today it would be assumed he had been bred on the continent." -- C.A. Robertshaw, 2000, Pointers Past & Present

""Brockton's Bounce", "Statter's Major", "Whitehouse's Hamlet", "Garth's Drake"! What names to conjure up visions of past glory in the game-fields of England! Mention this quartet and you have named the four cornerstones in the foundation of the Point breed. Add the name of "Price's Champion Bang" and you have heralded the principal fountainhead as we know it in this country today." -- The Sportsman's Bookshelf, Volume XIII, Hunting Dogs and Their Uses: The Stackpole Company, Harrisburg, PA, 1951

"Mr. Whitehouse of Ipsley Court, Redditch, was in his day an equally eminent pointer-breeder. In his strain of lemon-and-whites he contrived to concentrate by far the purest blood that remains nowadays in this country. He bred "Hamlet", a dog equally remarkable in the field and at stud, and about him he writes ... "My old bitch "Juno" I exhibited at the second exhibition held at the Repository, Birmingham (1860), and won fifth prize. She was bred by a Mr. Tomes, of Cleeve Prior, Worcestershire, and was by a dog called "Frank"; I believe he was bred by Lord Coventry. "Juno" was a wonderfully good bitch in the field. I do not know anything more about her pedigree. "Mr. Bird's Bob" took first prize at the same show, and I put "Juno" to him; she had eight puppies. I kept "Hamlet", "Carlo", and "Mona"." " -- Arkwright, 1906

"... the inaugural (field) trials of all ... This was at Southill in 1865, when the Pointers were divided into large and small sizes, the former including "Mr. W.R. Brockton's Bounce" and "Mr. W.G. Newton's Ranger", and the latter "Mr. J.H. Whitehouse's Hamlet". In a maximum of 40 for nose, "Bounce" and "Hamlet" were accredited full marks, "Bounce" taking the highest compliment too in pace and range, and also for temperament. He was, therefore, estimated by the judges, the Rev. T. Pearce and Mr. Walker, of Halifax, to have been absolutely perfect. "Hamlet" was the same, both taking 90 in a hundred, but "Ranger" only got 30 for nose, and half marks for pace. This tallied much with his character at home, as although a good, steady, workmanlike dog, he yet was never quite brilliant, such as "Bounce" had the credit of being, and the late Mr. Whitehouse, a capital sportsman, would always contend that he never shot over a better than "Hamlet". -- G.S. Lowe, 1907, The New Book of the Dog

Whitehouse's Hamlet

Bird's Bob
("Gilbert's Bob")
(w: 1860)
Battock's Joker
("Battcock's Joker")
(formerly "Ponto")

(Leatherhead, EKC March 1885, was not able to find out the color of Joker)

Lord Derby's Rap
Lord Derby's bitch  

(Note -- for some differences in "Battcock's Joker" pedigree see "Bird's Bob" page)

Lang's Fan
(w: 1855)

(Leatherhead, EKC March 1885, presumes lemon/white, and that was the preferred color of Lang dogs)

Lang's Frank Flint I
("Lang's Flint")
Seal's Nero
Smith's Nell
(Smith of Knottingley)
Col. Moore's Doll  
Tom Taylor's Bell Lord Ducie's Duncan  
Sir Massey Stanley's Bloom  
Moore's Bloom
Whitehouse's Juno
(w: 1858)

(according to Whitehouse - via Arkwright - bred by Mr. Tomes, of Cleeve Prior)


(according to Whitehouse - via Arkwright - "I believe he was bred by Lord Coventry")


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