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Waddell's Dream (bitch, black/white/tan, w: August 1874, owner Jesse Sherwood, breeder A.C. Waddell, AKC 1296)
Waddell's Topsy (bitch, black, w: August 1874, owner J.J. Snellenburg, breeder A.C. Waddell, 1st at Pittsburg in 1878, AKC 1345)

""1296 Dream" -- Jesse Sherwood, Edina, Mo. Breeder, A.C. Wasddell. Whelped August, 1874; black, white and tan; by "Phil (1237)", out of "Gillespie's Nellie"; "Phil" by "Billow", out of "Sue"; "Nellie" by "Shot", out of "Clay's bitch"." -- AKC Studbook, 1878, Vol.I

""1345 Topsy -- J.J. Snellenburg, New Brighton, Pa. Breeder, A.C. Waddell. Whelped August, 1874; black; by "Phil 1237", out of "Nelly"; "Phil" by "Billow", out of "Sue"; "Nelly" by "Shot", out of "Clay's bitch". Prize -- 1st, Pittsburg, 1878." -- AKC Studbook, 1878, Vol.I

Waddell's Topsy

Waddell's Phil
(Waddell's "Old Phil")

(brought from the South during the Civil War)

Gillespie's Nellie
Clay's bitch      

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