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Underhill's Jane (bitch)

"Another son of "Graphic", which had quite a vogue in the East during the latter eighties and early nineties, was "Pommery Sec", or as he was originally registered "Graphic's Bang". He was a liver and white dog, very handsome in conformation, with well turned shoulders, nicely sprung ribs, strong loin and a head brimful of character. His worst fault was that he was lacking in bone, being rather too light in this respect all over for a dog. He was out of a bitch called "Lady Vinnie", who was very much of a native; she being by "Pete's Brandy" out of "Underhill's Jane". "Jane" carried the English blood through her sire "Sensation", but "Pete's Brandy" was strictly native, being by "Coffin's Rake II", out of "Miranda III". It seems like the Graphic blood was not a good mixture with the native stock, however well it blended in the first generation, for as in the case of "Promotion", "Pommery Sec" never succeeded in producing his equal nor in face any winners that made an impression worthy of taking particular note of." -- Hochwalt, 1911

Underhill's Jane

(w: 1874)


Price's Jim
(R.J. Lloyd Price)
Whitehouse's Hamlet
(w: 1861)

Whitehouse Hamlet

Price's Judy
("Jones Judy")

(R.J. Lloyd Price, from North Wales)

Bayley's Dash
(w: 1859)
Bayley's Dart
Thomason's Bess
("Jones Venus")
("Gilbert's Venus")

(littersister to "Bird's Bob")

Battock's Joker
("Battcock's Joker")
Lang's Fan
(w: 1855)
Humphrey's Nell
("Humphries Nell")
Old Rap    
Nina Rap  
Heath's Lill Grigg's Mack II      
Grigg's Nell      

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