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Dual Ch. Turks Count Von Furth (dog, liver/white, w: March 17, 1926 (February 17, 1926 ??), "Blackfield Turks Count Von Furth", "Turks Count Von Furth of Bromley", #815458)
Cleo of Furth (bitch)
Turks Countess (bitch)

Blackfield Banner and Turks Count
"Blackfield Banner and Turks Count"
-- Image scanned from Pointers and Setters by W. Marr.

"Herr Turk used my "Blackfield Dash" and had a wonderful litter. The best among them was the well known "Turks Count of Furth" which went to Isaac Sharpe and became the grandsire of "Stylish Myrrh" and can be found in the pedigrees of the Herewithems. Sharpe resold to dog to the States. His litter sister "Turks Countesse" can be found in the pedigrees of many French top-class Pointers." -- via Marr, p.30

Dual Ch. Turks Count Von Furth

Blackfield Dash Ragleholms Sam Skogis Black Devil
(SKKS 641 U)
Sorangens Gurt
(SKKS 119 U)
Flying Tan
(w: 1912)
(SKKS 444M)
Skogis Girl
(w: 1910)
Skogis Minka
(SKKS 272 R)
Shot II
(SKKS 463 N)
Lassie av Lyngsasa
(SKKS 468 N)
Minka av Som    
Blackfield Fate Blackfield Bonby    
Nina d'Armautreuil    
Mabel Von Flugplatz Furth

(Model VonFlugplatz Furth)

Duke Von Franken Duke of The Cross    
Fee Von Franken    
Flora II Von Franken Norman II    
Herta Von Franken    

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