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Castleman's Blucher (dog, liver/white, w: February 20, 1882, breeder E.C. Sterling, owner J.B. Castleman, AKC 20748)
Castleman's Kate (bitch, liver/white, w: February 20, 1882, breeder E.C. Sterling, owner J.B. Castleman, AKC 20749)

Trinket's Bang (dog, liver/white, w: February 17, 1883, breeder E.F. Stoddard, owner William Titterington, AKC 4117)
Trinket's Countess (bitch, w: 1883)

Trinket's Cash (dog, liver/white/ticked, w: April 4, 1886, breeder/owner E.F. Stoddard, AKC 6282)
Trinket's Chief
Trinket's Coin (dog, liver/white/ticked, w: April 4, 1886, breeder/owner E.F. Stoddard, AKC 6283)
Trinket's Count (dog, liver/white/ticked, w: April 4, 1886, breeder/owner E.F. Stoddard, AKC 6284)

Dee (bitch, dam of "Meteor Jr. (4085 AKC)")

Trinket's Bang
"Trinket's Bang"
-- Image scanned from Field Dog Stud Book, Vol.II, 1902.

""4117 Trinket's Bang" -- William Titterington, Wyanet, Ill. Breeder, E.F. Stoddard, Dayton, O. Whelped February 17, 1883; liver and white; by "Croxteth (2871)", out of "Trinket (3115)". Field Trials: 1st, All Aged Stake, Western Field Trial Association's Trials, 1885; DIvided 3d, All Aged Stake, National Field Trials Club's Trials, 1885." -- AKC Studbook, 1886, Vol.III

"The St. Louis Kennel Club imported "Jaunty", "Zeal", "June", "Keswick", ans "Jasmine", several years before the Graphic kennels were formed. "June" became the dam of "Marquis of Lorne", by "Faust", but it is surprising that not one of the others produced a winner in the first generation, although "Jaunty", bred to "Tory", in England, and coming to this country in whelp, produced "Trinket", who became the dam of "Trinket's Bang". ... The St. Louis Kennel Club also imported "Vanity" about this time. She was a daughter of "Bang". When the St. Louis Club disbanded, "Vanity" and "Trinket" were purchased by the late E. Fowler Stoddard, of Dayton, O. "Trinket", bred to "Croxteth", became the dam of "Trinket's Bang" and "Trinket's Countess", both field trial winners of note. She was mated with the same dog several times, and from subsequent litters came "Trinket's Cash", "Trinket's Coin", "Trinket's Chief", and "Trinket's Count", but they were only known locally, for none has a record, although "Coin", bred to "Stradella", produced "Eve", so well known as the dam of winners. "Vanity", bred to "Bang Bang" became the mother of "Van Bang" who in turn was the dam of "Stradella", the dam of "Eve", already referred to, and also of "Dame Bang", a field trial winner. -- Hochwalt, 1911

"In the matter of perpetuating the field trial line, "Croxteth's" son, "Trinket's Bang", stands out above the others. A winner himself, he not only became the sire of very prominent dogs, -- among them "Spotted Boy", -- but also of daughters which peroduced winners. In fact, it was through this branch of the "Croxteth" family that the blood was carried on in the female line when crossed with that of "King of Kent", "Rip Rap", and "Jingo"; "Pearl's Dot", that unparalleled mother of winners, being one of "Trinket Bang's" daughters. The mother of "Trinket's Bang" was "Trinket", the bitch previously alluded to as one of the importations of the St. Louis Kennel Club. She was by "Tory", the sone of "Garth's Drake", out of "Jaunty", the daughter of "Sefton's Marquis" and "Pilkington's Jessie". "Trinket" was bred to "Croxteth" several times, and among her other sons were "Trinket's Cash", "Trinket's Coin", "Trinket's Count", and a daughter "Countess", the latter a field trial winner. "Cash" and "Count" were good field dogs, winners ont he bench, and the former became the sire of "Dame Bang" and "Ridgeview Cash", both field trial winners." -- Hochwalt, 1923

Trinket's Bang

(w: 1878)


(w: 1879)
Pilkington's Tory
(dark liver/white)
(w: 1874)
Garth's Drake
(w: 1868)


Moore's Mab

(bred by Rev. Holden, pure Edge blood)

Holden's Major  
Rev. Holden's bitch  
Pilkington's Jaunty
(w: 1877)
Sefton's Marquis Sefton's Mat Sefton's Beau
Legh's Merry
Sefton's Deuce Derby's Drake
Sefton's Sappho
Pilkington's Jessie
(bred by Lord Sefton)
(w: 1871)
Sefton's Monarch Statter's Manton
(white, liver head)
(w: 1869)
Sefton's Sappho
Sefton's Juno Sefton's Sam

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