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Strong's Pete (dog, black, w: 1873, Burgess 315, AKC 1235)

""315 Pete". Black. Born 1873. Mr. G.A. Strong, West Meriden, Conn. By "Waddell's Phil (No.314)" out of "E.A. Kelsey's Prudence (No.316)"; "Prudence by "Wabberton's Dandy" out of "Crotchet's Moll"; "Moll" by "Phil" out of "Crosby's Fan"; "Dandy" by "Russell's Shot" out of "Goodrich's Nell"; "Nell" by "Smith's imported Rake" out of "Buell's imported Belle"; "Phil" from imported stock." -- Burgess, 1876

""1235 Pete" -- G.A. Strong, West Meriden, Ct. Breeder, S.H. Alger. Whelped July, 1873; black; by "Phil 1237", out of "Prudence 1333"; "Phil" by "Billow" out of "Sue", "Prudence" by "Warburton's Dandy" out of "Crotchet's Moll". Prizes -- 1st, Springfield, 1875; 2d, Watertown, 1875; Champion, Springfield, 1876; V.H.C., Champion Class, Boston, 1878." -- AKC Studbook, 1878, Vol.I

"Mr. A.C. Waddell, who at one time owned dogs in connection with Mr. Sherwood, was the possessor of a number of dogs of the native stock years ago. One of the best known was the black pointer "Phil", who in time came to be known as "Old Phil". He was a dog whose pedigree had never been traced any farther back than as by "Billow" out of "Sue", but he was generally known as the "Colt dog of Hartford, Connecticut", the place where he came from. "Billow" was the dog brought from the South during the Civil War and used quite extensively at stud. "Old Phil" was a very well made pointer, in proof of which we have his bench show record, which consists of a first at Mineola and Watertown in 1875. "Phil" was bred to "E.A. Kelsey's Prudence" in 1873 and produced "Pete", also a black dog. The latter became the property of G.A. Strong of West Meriden, Connecticut, and was then knwn as "Strong's Pete". The dog was shown quite frequently with good success and he eventually became a champion." -- Hochwalt, 1911, The Pointer and Setter in America

Strong's Pete

Waddell's Phil

(brought from the South during the Civil War)

Kelsey's Prudence
Wabberton's Dandy
("Warburton's Dandy")
Russell's Shot    
Goodrich's Nell Smith's imported Rake  
Buell's imported Belle  
Crotchet's Moll Waddell's Phil
Crosby's Fan    

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