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Statter's Sappho (bitch)

Statter's Sappho

Garth's Drake
(w: 1868)

Garth's Drake

("Sappho I")

(EKC Studbook for pedigree chart for "Dick" lists this bitch as "My Sappho" ... the pedigree entry for "Drab" lists her as "Sappho I")

Old Major Antrobus's Major Statham's Ross Edge's Beau
Antrobus's Moll Daintry's Don
Antrobus Peg
Statter's Jane
(w: 1860)
Taylor's Ben Taylor's Bob
Taylor's Dora
Statter's Lill
("Statter's Lil")
Sefton's Beau
Statter's Belle
Sefton's Sappho Sefton's Shot
("Sefton's Spot")
Statter's Bang
(Beale's, Statham's, Statter's, Wilmot's)
Statham's Ross
Wilmot's Di
("Wilmot's Die")
Sefton's Jessie

(sister to "Beau")

Sefton's Topaz
Sefton's Riot
Sefton's Pearl Sefton's Beau Sefton's Topaz
Sefton's Riot
Cap. White's sister to "Monarch"  

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