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Statter's Sall (bitch, breeder Mr. Thomas Statter, owner Mr. Barclay Field, "Statter's Sal", "Field's Sall", EKC 1270, EKC 1282)

""1279 Sal" -- Mr. Thomas Statter's, Stand Hill, Manchester (see "Mr. Field's Sall, No.1282")." -- EKC Studbook, 1874, Vol.I

""1282 Sall" -- Mr. Barclay Field's, 25, Mark-lane, London, E.C.; breeder, Mr. Thomas Statter. Pedigree: By "Statter's Duke" out of "his Bell"; "Duke" was by "Neilson's Duke" out of "Statter's Lil"; "Duke" by a "son of Sir F. Gooderick's Jurat" out of "Mr. Edge's bitch"; "Lil" by "Lord Sefton's Beau" out of "Statter's Belle"; "Beau" by "Lord Sefton's Topaz" out of "his Riot", by "T. Taylor's Dash" out of "Rev. J. Holden's Rake"; "Topaz" by "Goodie's Grouse" out of "Lord Sefton's Jewel"; "Statter's Belle" was by "Statham's Bang" out of "Statter's Sal", by "Lord Sefton's Venture" out of "C. Stanley's Juno" (by "Capt. White's Don"); "Venture" by "Lord Lynedoch's dog" out of "Lord Sefton's Jess"; "Bang" by "Statham's Ross" out of "Wilmot's Di"; "Ross" by "Edge's Beau" (own brother to his "Bloom")." -- EKC Studbook, 1874, Vol.I

Statter's Sall

Statter's Duke Neilson's Duke son of Sir F. Gooderick's Jurat Sir F. Gooderick's Jurat  
Mr. Edge's bitch    
Statter's Lil
("Statter's Lill")

(also dam of "Statter's Jane")

Lord Sefton's Beau Lord Sefton's Topaz Goodie's Grouse
Lord Sefton's Jewel
Lord Sefton's Riot Tom Taylor's Dash
Rev. J. Holden's Rake

(by "Edge's Rake")

Statter's Belle Statham's Bang Statham's Ross

(by Edge's Beau)

Wilmot's Di
("Wilmot's Die")
Statter's Sal Lord Sefton's Venture

(by "Lord Lynedoch's dog" out of "Lord Sefton's Jess")

C. Stanley's Juno

(by "Capt. White's Don")

Statter's Bell        

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