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Statter's Major (dog, liver/white or lemon/white [see text below], no color listed in his EKC entry, no b'day in his EKC entry, bench show and field trial wins in 1866-1869, breeder Mr. R. Garth, owner Mr. Thomas Statter, EKC 905)

""905 Major" -- Mr. Thomas Statter's, Stand-hill, Manchester; breeder, Mr. R. Garth, Q.C., Wimbledon, Surrey. Pedigree: By "Old Major" out of "Garth's Mite" (bred by Lord Derby) (see "Major's pedigree. Sire of Mr. Barclay Field's "Rex" and Mr. Statter's "Viscount". Chief Performances: Dog Shows, Manchester, Belle Vue, 2nd prize, 1869; FIeld Trials, Stafford, 1866, 2nd prize in the Anson Stakes; Stafford, 1867, entered in the Lichfield Stakes, but no placed; Bala, 1867, entered in the Rhiwlas Bala Stakes for pointers and setters, but not placed; Stafford, 1868, entred in the Lichfield Stakes, but not placed." -- EKC Studbook, 1874, Vol.I


Statter's Major

Old Major Antrobus Major Statham's Ross Edge's Beau  
Antrobus's Moll Daintry's Don White's Don
Daintry's Dot
Antrobus Peg Corbett's Bragg
Statter's Jane
(w: 1860)
Taylor's Ben Taylor's Bob Taylor's Drab
Taylor's Juno
Taylor's Dora Taylor's Murdock
Taylor's Deuce
Statter's Lill
("Statter's Lil")
Sefton's Beau Sefton's Topaz
Sefton's Riot
Statter's Belle Bang
(Beal's, Staham's, Statter's, Wilmot's)
Statter's Sal
Garth's Mite Derby's Duke Drake
(Lord Derby's)
Walker's Bang  
Mundley's Moll  
Duchess Legh's Mars Corbett's Pallas
(a Spanish Pointer)
Legh's Peg
Mexbro's Mab
("Mexborough's Mab")
Derby's Daisy Drake
(Lord Derby's)
Walker's Bang  
Mundley's Moll  
Yarboro's Nell
("Yarborough's Nell")

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