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Statter's Jane (bitch, w: 1860, breeder/owner Mr. T. Statter, EKC 1159)

""1159 Jane" -- Mr. T. Statter's, Stand-hill, Manchester (over 60lb.) breeder, owner; born 1860. (For her pedigree see that of "Statter's Major, No.905)". Chief Performance: Islington, 3rd prize, 1865." -- EKC Studbook, 1874, Vol.I

Statter's Jane

Taylor's Ben Taylor's Bob Taylor's Drab Thornhill's Smack Thornhill's Tom
Thornhill's Bess
Moore's Rival Moore's Rap
Moore's Mab

(bred by Rev. Holden, pure Edge blood)

Taylor's Juno Bentley's Tell Rangeley's Nero
Joseph Ayre's Juno  
Taylor's Dora Taylor's Murdock    
Taylor's Deuce Taylor's Drab Thornhill's Smack
Moore's Rival
Taylor's Duchess Moore's Blue
Sutton's Fill
Statter's Lill
("Statter's Lil")

(via Hochwalt, 1923 -- "Lill" was a Sefton-bred bitch on the one side, and on the other got another infusion from "Edge's Beau" and a cross to "Captain Jack White's Don".")

Sefton's Beau Sefton's Topaz Goodes' Grouse
(Sir F. Gooderick's)
Sefton's Jewel
("Beale's Jewel")
Marquis of Waterford's Jurat
Colin's Jewel
Sefton's Riot Taylor's Dash  
bitch of Rev. J. Holden, by Edge's Rake

(in "Sall 1282" pedigree listed as "Rev. J. Holden's Rake")

Edge's Rake

(whelped around 1838 or 1839, sold at the Edge Sale in 1844)
Statter's Belle Bang
(Beal's, Statham's, Statter's, Wilmot's)
Statham's Ross Edge's Beau
Wilmot's Di
("Wilmot's Die")
Statter's Sal Sefton's Venture "Lord Lynedoch's celebrated dog"
Sefton's Jess
Stanley's (of Denhall) Juno Capt. White's Don

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