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Ch. Stainton Startler ("Moyola Hector") (dog, liver/white, w: 1932)
Ch. Stainton Sinbad ("Moyola Whiteheather") (dog, w: 1933)
Ch. Stainton Stunner ("Moyola Majesty") (dog, liver/white, w: 1933)
Moyola Mabel (bitch, w: 1935)
Moyola Mascot

Stainton Startler
"Ch. Stainton Startler"
-- Image scanned from The Pointer as a Show Dog by Lola Macdonald Daly. Caption reads: "Ch. Stainton Startler. Photo., Thos. Fall."

""His Majesty", owned by Mr. H. Lonsdale, became one of the most successful of sires, for not only was "Ch. Flagon of Ardagh" one of his sons, and "int. Ch. Felicty of Ardagh" one of his daughters, but he was also the grandsire of "Ch. Primrose O'Kilner" through Flagon's litter brother, "Gleam"; the grandsire of "Marlais Marksman" through the latter's dam, "Fancy Me"; and the grandsire of "Ch. Stainton Stunner" and "Ch. Stainton Startler" through "Hector of Crombie". -- Lola Macdonald Daly, The Pointer as a Show Dog

Ch. Stainton Startler

Hector of Crombie
(w: 1928)
His Majesty
(w: 1922)

His Majesty

Elizabeth of Crombie
(w: 1924)

Elizabeth of Crombie

Moyola Nan
(w: 1930)
Nancolleth Dan
(w: 1924)
Moyola Kate
(w: 1928)

Sons and Daughters

  • Carmelite -- dam of Cravendale Cara and Stonethorpe Serenade

Some GrandKids

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