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Spotted Boy (dog, liver/white, w: April 6, 1889, breeder/owner Chas. Proctor, AKC 16445)
Proctor's Bang (dog, liver/white/ticked, w: September 2, 1890, breeder Chas. Proctor, owner C.D. Woodbury, AKC 26325)

Spotted Boy
"Spotted Boy"
-- Image from "Outing" Newsletter, November 1891.

""16455 Spotted Boy" -- Chas. Proctor, Union City, Iowa. Breeder, owner. Whelped April 6, 1889; liver and white; by "Trinket's Bang (4117)", out of "Nellie Bow (6304)"." -- AKC Studbook, 1890, Vol.VII

""26325 Proctor's Bang" -- C.D. Woodbury, Lansing, Mich. Breeder, Chas. Proctor, Union City, Ind. Whelped Sept. 2, 1890; liver and white ticked; by "Trinket's Bang (4117)", out of "Nellie Bow (6304)"." -- AKC Studbook, 1892, Vol.IX

"In the matter of perpetuating the field trial line, "Croxteth's" son, "Trinket's Bang", stands out above the others. A winner himself, he not only became the sire of very prominent dogs, -- among them "Spotted Boy", -- but also of daughters which peroduced winners. In fact, it was through this branch of the "Croxteth" family that the blood was carried on in the female line when crossed with that of "King of Kent", "Rip Rap", and "Jingo"." -- Hochwalt, 1923

Spotted Boy

Trinket's Bang
(w: 1883)

[AKC 4117]

Trinket's Bang

Nellie Bow
(w: 1886)

[AKC 6304]
(w: 1879)

[AKC 2852]
(w: 1874)

[AKC 2853]


Pilkington's Jaunty
(w: 1877)

[AKC 3051]
Sefton's Marquis Sefton's Mat
Sefton's Deuce
Pilkington's Jessie
(bred by Lord Sefton)
(w: 1871)
Sefton's Monarch
Sefton's Juno
Hoosier Nell
(w: 1884)

[AKC 4887]
Shot imported Shot  
Bird Harry  

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