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Soresby Ben (dog, w: 1858, breeder/owner Mr. Stevenson Soresby, sold to Mr. Chatterton, EKC 752)

""752 Ben" -- Mr. Stevenson Soresby's, Cavendish Bridge, near Derby (sold to Mr. Chatterton of highburn-terrace, London), (over 60lb.); breeder, owner; born 1858. Pedigree: By "Mr. Meir's Shot" out of "Bloom"; "Bloom" by "Statham's Ross" out of "Bliss"; "Bliss" by "Colonel Moore's Major" out of "Mr. Holden's Bess"; "Bess" by the late "Mr. Edge's Rake" out of "Old Bess" by "Captain White's Don" out of "Di"; "Statham's Ross" was by "Edge's Beau" (own brother to "Bloom"); "Shot" was by "Captain Wickstead's Shot" out of "Mr. Meir's Racket", by the late "Mr. Edge's Beau" out of "Statham's Queen". Chief Performance: Birmingham, 2nd prize, 1860; 4th prize, 1861." -- EKC Studbook, 1874, Vol.I

Soresby Ben

Mr. Meir's Shot Captain Wickstead's Shot      
Mr. Meir's Racket Edge's Beau    
Statham's Queen    
Bloom Statham's Ross Edge's Beau    
Bliss Col. Moore's Major    
Mr. Holden's Bess Mr. Edge's Rake

(whelped around 1838 or 1839, sold at the Edge Sale in 1844)
Old Bess Captain White's Don

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