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Smith's Major (dog, lemon/white, w: 1862, breeder Mr. H. Gilbert, owner Mr. Thomas Smith, EKC 904)
Lord Cole's Cole (dog)
Postan's Venus (bitch)
Belle (bitch, w: 1862, breeder/owner Mr. H. Gilbert, EKC 1053)

NOTE - am not sure Venus I is a "littermate" or not, or whether she might be the same as "Postan's Venus". EKC Studbook (1874, Vol.I), lists her with the following pedigree, with "Bloomer" listed as dam.
Venus I (bitch, w: 1861, breeder Mr. Joseph Lang (not Mr. Gilbert), owner Mr. G.C. Whitfield, EKC 1299)

Smith's Major, illustration from 'Dogs of the British Islands', 1872
"Smith's Major"
-- Illustration from The Dogs of the British Islands, 1872

""904 Major" --- Mr. Thomas Smith's, The Grange, Tettenhall, Wolverhamption (over 65lbs.); breeder, the late Mr. H. Gilbert; born 1862; colour, lemon and white (now dead.) Pedigree: By "Bird's Bob (No.756)" out of "Gilbert's Bloomer"; "Bob" by "Battcock's Joker (late Ponto)" out of "Lang's, of Cockspurstreet, Fan"; "Joker" by "Rap" out of "Bell"; "Rap" by "Rap" out of "Lord Derby's bitch"; "Fan" by "Lang's Frank" out of "Tom Taylor's Belle" &c. Sire of "Smith's Rake", "Lang's Duchess" "Bretherton's Belle", "Harvey's Bess" and "Walker's General". Chief Performances: Birmingham, 1st prize, 1864; Champion Prize, 1865; Champion Prize, 1867; Champion Prize, 1868; Mancherster, Belle Vue, 3rd prize, 1868." -- EKC Studbook, 1874, Vol.I

Smith's Major - Cole's Cole - Postan's Venus

Bird's Bob
(w: 1860)
Battock's Joker
("Battcock's Joker")
(formerly "Ponto")
Lord Derby's Rap
Lord Derby's bitch  

(Note -- for some differences in "Battcock's Joker" pedigree see "Bird's Bob" page)

Lang's Fan
(w: 1855)
Lang's Frank Flint I Seal's Nero
Smith's Nell
Col. Moore's Doll  
Tom Taylor's Bell Lord Ducie's Duncan  
Sir Massey Stanley's Bloom  
Moore's Bloom
Gilbert's Bloomer        

Sons and Daughters

  • Coham's Bang -- sire of Price's Bang
  • Davey's Luna -- dam of Bow and Young Bang
  • Evan's Nell -- dam of Davey's Luna

Some GrandKids

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