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Sefton's Beau (dog)
Sefton's Jessie (bitch)

[For "Sefton's Beau" ("Duke of Westminster's Don x Sefton's Drab") sire of "Statter's Beau (9009 EKC)" -- click here]

"Sefton's Beau" is sire of "Statter's Lill" (behind "Statter's Jane"), "Sefton's Mat", and "Sefton's Pearl".

"Sefton's Jessie" is dam of "Sefton's Shot" (or "Sefton's Spot"), who is the sire of "Sefton's Sappho".

Sefton's Beau

Sefton's Topaz Goodes Grouse
(Sir F. Gooderick's)
Sefton's Jewel
("Beale's Jewel")
Marquis of Waterford's Jurat    
Colin's Jewel    
Sefton's Riot Taylor's Dash      
bitch of Rev. J. Holden

(pedigree of "Statter's/Field's Sall 1282" lists her as "Rev. J. Holden's Rake")

Edge's Rake

(whelped around 1838 or 1839, sold at the Edge Sale in 1844)


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