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Dual Ch. Scanpoint's Touch of Troll ("Goliath", dog, black/white, w: January 4, 1978)

1978 - "Dual Ch. Scanpoint's Touch of Troll" whelped ... "The son of a Norwegian import, he is the first pointer to become champion in both show and field. This dog has also sired a dual champion." ... "Dual Ch. Scanpoint's Touch of Troll" was inducted into the American Pointer Club's Hall of Fame in 1984. -- Karen Blasche, "Proud Heritage", Pointer Points, vol.3-92, and American Pointer Club Website, 2000

  • Ch. Ruten's Continuation

    • Int. Ch. Oksby Fly
      • Ch. Ferreos Tom
        • Fugls Vilman
        • Boga's Laila (Lajla)
          • Winther's Allan
          • Boga's Raska
      • Oksby Emilie
        • Oksby Treff
          • Oksby Mester
          • Oksby Tess
        • Oksby Yonna
          • Oksby Mester
          • Hellerupgaards Tessie

    • Soma (liver ?)
      • Nokkalan Kivo (Kiva ?)
        • Sh. Ch. Masterline's Diamond Ace
          • Lakian Okko
          • Masterline's Jollina
        • Nokkalan Hessa
          • Ritz
          • Nokkalan Palli
      • Tonni
        • Swedish & Norwegian Ch. Frikk
          • Wintors Rapp
          • Sonja II
        • Toya
          • Black (Sweden)
          • Heidi av Ingerbu


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