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Red Rose (bitch, white with heavy liver markings, w: May 14, 1896, breeder/owner Wm. Arkwright, EKC 96-275B)
Sandy of Upton (dog, liver/white, w: March 11, 1897, breeder W Arkwright, owner Lieut-Col. C.H. Beck, EKC 786K)

""786K Sandy of Upton" -- Lieut.-Col. C.H. Beck, C.B.; br. W. Arkwright; wh. 11 March 97; s. "Brodick Castle Sandy (40355)", d. "Kiss (31109)"; c. liver and white." -- EKC Studbook, 1905, Vol.XXXIII

Red Rose - Sandy of Upton

Brodick Castle Sandy
(w: 1888)
Duke of Hamilton's Dan Spring    
Duke of Hamilton's Duck

(NOTE -- EKC Calendar and Studbook (Vol.XXIII, 1895) under Brodick Castle Sandy pedigree - Duck's pedigree is listed as "unknown", "Big Roy" and "Bess" came from published pedigree of "Pitchford Ranger", source unknown)

Big Roy    
(w: 1890)
Aldin Fluke
(w: 1889)

Aldin Fluke

Aldin Minnie
(w: 1888)
Don IX Watson's Shot  
Thornton's Meg  
Aldin Rose II Burdon's Sam  

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