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Salter's Mike (dog, liver/white/ticked, w: 1873)

Salter's Mike
"Salter's Mike"
-- "Dr. H.J. Salter's Mike, Image scanned from Pointers and Setters by W. Marr.

Salter's Mike

Price's Bang
(liver/white, gold cheeks)
(w: 1870)

Price's Bang

Miller's Sella
(w: 1868)
Stevenson's Carlo      
Miller's Sappho Derby's Drake Ch. Newton's Ranger
(w: 1859)
Whichcote's Ranger
Foster's Ruth
Derby's Sal  
Sefton's Sappho Sefton's Shot
("Sefton's Spot")
(Beal's, Statham's, Statter's, Wilmot's)
Sefton's Jessie
Sefton's Pearl Sefton's Beau
Captain Whiet's sister to "Monarch"

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