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Count Croxteth (dog, liver/white/ticked, w: May 15, 1883, breeder T. Donoghue, owner Dr. D.E. Kelly, AKC 4044)
Rival Jr. (dog, also seen as "Rival")

American Kennel Register:
2333. "Count Croxteth", liver, white and ticked dog, whelped May 1883. Breeder, Mr. T. Donoghue, La Salle, Ill. Owner, Dr. D.E. Kelley, Ashtabula, O. Sire -- "Croxteth", by "Lowe's Young Bang" ("Price's Bang" x "Davey's Luna") out of "Macdona's Jane", by "Lord Sefton's Sam" out of his "Flirt".   Dam -- "Countess Rival", by "Condy's Rival, Jr." (imported "Old Rival" x imported "Flora Temple") out of "Queen Hamlet", by champion "Sleaford" (E. 6,053) out of champion "Fan" (A. 1,801).   Source: American Kennel Register, May 1885

""3014 Countess Rival" -- Mr. T. Donoghue, La Salle, Ill. Breeder Mr. S.O. Dundy, St. Paul, Minn. Whelped Oct. 11, 1881; lemon and white; by "Rival, Jr.", out of "Queen Hamlet"; "Rival, Jr." by "Ranger", out of "Flora Temple (3041)"; "Queen Hamlet" by "Sleaford (1266)", out of "Fan"." -- AKC Studbook, 1885, Vol.II

Count Croxteth - Rival Jr.

(w: 1878)

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Countess Rival
(w: 1881)
(AKC 3014)
Rival Jr.
(Condy's or Cundy's)
"imported Old Rival"

Two different pedigrees for Rival Jr.

AKC stud entry for "Countess Rival" shows her by "Rival Jr." who was by "Ranger" out of "Flora Temple".

The American Kennel Register, May 1885, for "Count Croxteth" shows "Countess Croxteth" by "Condy's Rival Jr." who was by "imported Old Rival" and "imported Flora Temple".
Flora Temple
(w: 1874)
Queen Hamlet
(w: 1877)
(w: 1875)
(w: 1872)
Ch. Sancho
(Mr. Francis's)
(w: 1866)
Whitehouse's Blanche
(w: 1867)
(w: 1867)
Whitehouse's Hamlet
(w: 1861)

Whitehouse Hamlet

Waddell's Fan
(w: 1873)
Wabberton's Dandy
("Warburton's Dandy")
Russell's Shot
Goodrich's Nell
Ricker's Moll
("Rickus's Moll")
Waddell's Phil

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