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Price's Vesta (bitch, dam of Price's Bang)
Ch. Chang (dog, black/white, w: 1866, breeder/owner Mr. Francis, over 60lb., EKC 791)
Random (dog, "own brother to 'Sancho 1004'")
Ch. Sancho (dog, liver/white, w: 1866, breeder/owner Mr. Francis, EKC 1004)

"Is it any wonder then that when the Rev. T. Pearce (Idstone) was on a visit to Devonshire and spoke so highly of the liver and white "Bounce" owned by Mr. Brockton of Farndon, that Mr. Price and Mr. Francis quickly decided to breed to him. For this purpose they selected one of their best bitches named "Belle" whose dam "Dido" was bred near Newton Abbot and was by "Sancho" whose sire "Mentor" came from South Molton. This union of "Francis' Belle" with "Brockton's Bounce" gave us the sensational litter "Sancho", the black and white "Chang", the bitch "Vesta", and "Random". So grand a team quickly gained for themselves a reputation on the bench and we find "Sancho" and "Chang" amonst the prize winners at Birmingham and other important shows of that period while "Vesta", judged by Idstone at Barnstable and other local shows, usually won with ease. These must of necessity at this time have shown true pointer characteristics to have won on the bench." -- W.E. Phillips, 1970, The True Pointer and His Ancient Heritage"

""Sancho" bred to his niece (a sure mating to show up alien blood) produced that nearly perfect specimen of pointer "Wagg" which was so successfullly shown by Mr. R.J. Lloyd Price of Bala and, bred to the late Mr. R.P. Leach's "Fan" -- whose ancestors were from the North of Devon -- produced "Leach's Belle", probably the most successful brood bitch of that day. Amongst her numerous offspring were champions "Bang II" and "Bow Bells", "Bonus Sancho", "Merry Bells", "Belle of the Ball", and "Grant's Maggie", all of which were sired by "Price's Bang". -- W.E. Phillips, 1970, The True Pointer and His Ancient Heritage"

"We shall find "Chang" best represented by his union with "Romp", a small, compactly made bitch owned by the late Mr. Brackenbury of Exeter. Her performances in the field were of the highest oreder and her excellence as a worker was transmitted to her progeny. From these, J.H. Salter's well known black and whites ("Hops" and "Mainspring") are descended." -- W.E. Phillips, 1970, The True Pointer and His Ancient Heritage"

"Besides being the dam of Mr. Sam Price's world renowned "Bang", "Vesta's" name is brought down to us through her daughter "Sappho", dam of "Wagg", and "Pearl", dam of E.C. Norrish's lemon and white "Beryl", a famous bench winner at Birmingham and elsewhere from whom again sprang Mr. Norrish's "Revel III" and his "Saddleback", that were almost invincible in the show way. For size, substance and quality combined, "Vesta" would doubtless compare favorably with any bitch of the present day, and it has always appeared to me a regretful circumstance that Mr. Price allowed her to leave the country at so early a period in her career. From her the most conspicuous representatives of the Bow kennels are descended, among them being the above mentioned "Ch. Bang", who with his son "Mike" won for Mr. Price the Cloverly stakes at Shrewsbury three years in succession; "Belle of Bow", "Lad of Bow", "Meally", "Bang's Boy", and "Climax". The two latter were his favorites in the field, and it will be remembered that he had this brace actually in his hands at the time of his lamentably sudden death the evening before the 1st of September 1887." -- W.E. Phillips, 1970, The True Pointer and His Ancient Heritage"

""Random", the last of the team, mated with "Mr. Huggins's Juno", gave us the typical "Don Juan", sire of the well known champions "Ponto" and "Fan" from which Mr. Beck's celebrated "Naso of Upton" is descended on his dam's side, and of "Fursdon Juno", dam of "Graphic", another of Mr. Norrish's well-known dogs which came to America." -- W.E. Phillips, 1970, The True Pointer and His Ancient Heritage"

Chang - Random - Sancho - Vesta

Brockton's Bounce
(w: 1861)
Duke of Newcastle's Bounce Duke of Portland's dog dog bought by the Duke of Portland at the 1844 Edge sale  
(assume Edge of Strelly line)
Francis' Belle

(Vesta, being by Bounce, out of a bitch hardly traced, but known to belong to an old Devon sort, and these old pointer strains in Devonshire are amongst the oldest, if they have not always been the best, recorded in the country." EKC, March 1882)

Sancho Mentor

(from South Molton)


(bred near Newton Abbot)


Vesta Sons and Daughters

Ch. Sancho's Sons and Daughters

Vesta's GrandKids -
(not counting Price's Bang line)

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