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Price's Jim (dog, lemon/white, breeder Mr. George Jones, EKC 884, EKC 885)
Price's Bob (dog, w: 1865, formerly "Jones Bob", EKC 759, EKC 760)
Dora (bitch, under 60lbs, breeder Mr. George Jones, owner Mr. F.R. Hemming's, former owner Mr. J.H. Whitehouse, EKC 1117)
Price's Don (dog, EKC 832)

""884 Jim" -- Mr. George Jones's, Oscott, Birmingham (see "Mr. Price's Jim, No.885")" -- EKC Studbook, Vol.1

""885 Jim" -- M.r R.J. Lloyd Price's, Rhiwlas, Bala, North Wales (formerly shown by Mr. George Jones) (under 65lb.); breeder, Mr. George Jones; colour, lemon and white. Pedigree: By "Mr. J.H. Whitehouse's Hamlet (No.876)" out of "Judy"; "Judy" by "Bayley's Dash (no.802)" out of "Venus" (sister to "Bird's Bob, No.756"). Chief Performance: Birmingham, 1st prize, 1866; champion prize, 1867; Field Trials, Vaynol, 1871; entered in the ALL-aged Pointer Dogs Stakes, but not placed." -- EKC Studbook, Vol.1

""759 Bob" -- Mr. George Jones's (see "Mr. Price's Bob")." -- EKC Studbook, Vol.1

""760 Bob" -- Mr. R.J. Lloyd Price's (formerly the property of the late Mr. George Jones, of Oscott); breeder, Mr. G. Jones; born, 1865. Pedigree: By "Whitehouse's Hamlet (No.876)" out of "Jones's Judy"; "Hamlet" by "Bird's Bob" out of "Juno" &c.; "Judy" by "Bayley's Dash (No.802)" out of "Jones Venus" by "Joker". Chief Performance: Birmingham, 2nd prize, 1866." -- EKC Studbook, Vol.1

"832 Don" -- Mr. R.J. Lloyd Price's, Rhiwlas, Bala, North Wales; breeder, owner. Pedigree: By "Hamlet (No.876)" out of "Price's Judy" by "Bayley's Dash (No.802)" out of "Venus" by "Joker". Chief Performances: Field Trials, Stafford, 1867; entered in the Lichfield Stakes for pointers, but not placed (sold to Hon. C. Wynn of Corwen, North Wales)." -- EKC Studbook, Vol.1

Price's Jim - Price's Bob

Whitehouse's Hamlet
(w: 1861)

Whitehouse's Hamlet

Price's Judy
("Jones Judy")
Bayley's Dash
(w: 1859)
Bayley's Dart Ben  
Di Tyke
Thomason's Bess    
("Jones Venus")
("Gilbert's Venus")

(littersister to Bird's Bob)

Battock's Joker
("Battcock's Joker")

(Leatherhead, EKC March 1885, was not able to find out the color of Joker)

Lord Derby's Rap
Lang's Fan
(w: 1855)

(Leatherhead, EKC March 1885, presumes lemon/white, and that was the preferred color of Lang dogs)

Lang's Frank Flint I
Col. Moore's Doll
Tom Taylor's Bell Lord Ducie's Duncan
Sir Massey Stanley's Bloom

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Some GrandKids

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