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Price's Belle (bitch, liver/white, w: June 28, 1870, bred by Lord Henry Bentinck, owned by Mr. R.J. Lloyd Price, EKC 1058)

Price's Drake and Price's Belle
"Price's Drake ("Garth's Drake") and Price's Belle"
-- Mr. R.J. Lloyd Price's Pointers "Drake" and "Belle".

""1058 Belle" -- Mr. R.J. Lloyd Price's Rhiwlas, Bala, North Wales; breeder, Lord Henry Bentinck; colour, liver and white, born June 28, 1870. Pedigree: By "Lord H. Bentinck's Ranger" out of his "Grouse". -- EKC Studbook, 1874, Vol.I

"Then there was "Mr. Lloyd Price's Belle", the fastest and most beautiful bitch on game perhaps ever seen. She was by "Lord Henry Bentinck's Ranger" out of his "Grouse". -- G.S. Lowe, 1907

"On October 1st, 1844, there was another epoch-making sale at the death of Mr. Thomas Webb Edge (b. 1788) of Strelley Hall near Nottingham, the pointers being of nearly identical blood with the Hopton breed. ... Among other purchases was the fourth Duke of Portland, who at the advice of his sons, Lords Henry and George Bentinck, refreshed his kennel by the acquisition of the famous five-year-old stud-dog "Rake", and two brace of puppies. With these Lord Henry achieved remarkable results, culminating perhaps in "Mr. Price's Belle", a great trial-winner about 1872. Mr. T. Statter also established a valuable kennel with his selections from the nineteen pointers offered." -- Arkwright, 1906

"Mr. R.J.L. Price's Pointer Belle: The death of this celebrated pointer bitch took place a few days ago. "Belle" was bred by Lord Henry Bentinck in 1870, and was by his "Ranger" out of his "Grouse". She became the property of Mr. Price when quite a young bitch, her first public record at a field trial being at Vaynol in 1872, when she won the County Stakes for all-aged bitches, and also the Brace Stakes with "Judy" as a companion. At Shrewsbury, in 1873, she followed up her successes, as she won the All-aged and the Brace Stakes, coupled with her daughter, "Grecian Bend". Her principal triumph was, however, at Bala, in the following autumn, as although she was only second with "Roman Fall" in the Brace Stakes, won by "Squire" and "Ranger", she had an ample revenge on the last day of the meeting, as "Squire" was very soon settled, but "Ranger" gave Mr. Price's bitch a great deal of trouble, and the final tie between them was one of the best and most evenly-contested ever seen; and it was only the trifling superiority of pace, shown particularly towards the end of the trial, that gained "Belle" the award." -- EKC, November 1882

A big Pointer dog stands from 24 1/2 inches to 25 inches at the shoulder. "Old Ch. Bang" and "Young Bang" were of the former height, and the great bitch, "Mr. Lloyd Price's Belle", was 24 inches. For big Pointers 60 pounds is about the weight for dogs and 56 pounds bitches; smaller size, 54 pounds dogs and 48 pounds bitches. There have been some very good ones still smaller." -- G.S. Lowe, 1907

"A very beautiful and racing bitch was "Mr. Lloyd Price's Belle", bred by Lord H. Bentinck, and bought by Mr. Price for ten pounds after winning a third prize at Manchester. She was at first fearfully headstrong, and chased hares for many weeks persistently, being far beyond her puppyhood and unbroken; but the perseverance of a young, and till then unknown, breaker, Anstey, overcame these defects, and being tried in private to be good, she was entered at Vaynol field trials in 1872, when she won the prize for braces, and also that for bitches, being left in to contest the disputed point of priority in the two breeds with "Mr. Whitehouse's Priam" against "Mr. Llewellyn's Countess" and "Nellie", both setters. In this trial she succumbed to "Countess", but turned the tables on her at Bala in 1873. Being possessed of this beautiful and excellent bitch, Mr. lloyd Price naturally desired to match her and so "Drake", ... was purchased. Previously, however, "Drake" had got several dogs of high class, including "Viscount Downe's Bang", "Drake II", and "Mars"; but, considering the run he had at the stud, his stock could not be said to have come out as well as might be expected in public, though in private their character was well maintained. Crossed with "Belle", a litter considerably above the average was obtained, including "Mallard" and "Beau", but none coming up to the form of either sire or dam, and not equal to "Eos", who was subsequently from her by "Mr. Wm. Statter's Major". -- R.Lee, 1893

"In 1874 Sir Richard Garth disposed of his dogs preparatory to going to India and at the sale, which took place in June of that year, at the Lilliebridge Running Grounds, Brompton, London, R.J. Lloyd Price, of Rhiwlas, bought four braces and Mr. Pilkington one. Among the dogs which Mr. Price bought was "Drake", then seven years of age. The amount paid for him alone was one hundred and fifty guineas. This, considering the dog's advanced age, was always conceded to be a high figure, but the astue squire wanted this blood as well as the individual and, no doubt, he never regretted the purchase price, although it cannot be said that he was particularly successful with him. Mr. Price bought "Drake" solely for his own use and particularly to cross with "Price's Belle" ... The first litter was considerably above the average in which were "Mallard" and "Beau", but neither equalled "Eos of Cymru", out of the same bitch by "Statter's Major". -- via Hochwalt, 1923, The Modern Pointer

Price's Belle

Bentick's Ranger        
Bentinck's Grouse        

Sons and Daughters

  • Beau -- (Belle x Garth's Drake)
  • Belle Faust -- (Belle x Pilkington's Faust)
  • Eos of Cymru -- (Belle x Statter's Major)
  • Grecian Bend -- w: 1872
  • Mallard -- (Belle x Garth's Drake)

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