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Price's Bang (dog, liver/white, "gold cheek markings", w: 1870, breeder/owner Mr. S. Price, EKC 739)
Beppo (dog, liver/white, w: 1870, breeder/owner Mr. S. Price, EKC 748)
Pearl (bitch, w: 1870, breeder Mr. S. Price, owner Mr. John Norrish, dam of Norrish's Ch. Beryl, EKC 1255)
Sappho (bitch, once owned by Rev. T. Pearce, dam of "Champion Wagg" who was whelped in 1872)

Champion Price's Bang, from W.E. Phillips
"Price's Champion Bang"
-- Image scanned from W.Enos Phillips, The True Pointer and His Ancient Heritage, click image to enlarge.

""739 Bang" -- Mr. S. Price's, Bow, Devon; breeder, owner; born 1870; colour, liver and white. Pedigree: By "Mr. Coham's Bang" out of "Price's Vesta" (once owned by Rev. T. Pearce) "Vesta" was by "Mr. Brockton's Bounce (No.768)" out of "Mr. Francis's Belle"; "Bang" was by "Whitehouse's Hamlet (No.876)" out of "Mr. Postan's Venus" by "Bob". Chief Performances: Field Trials, Shrewsbury, 1871; 3rd prize in the pointer and puppy stakes, Devon and Cornwall, 1872; 1st prize for single pointers, Devon, 1873; entered in the braces and single pointer stakes, but not placed. Dog shows: Plymouth, 1st prize and cup for best pointer, 1872; extra prize and cup, 1873." -- EKC Studbook, 1874, Vol.I

""748 Beppo" -- Mr. S. Price's, Bow, Devon; breeder, owner; born 1870, colour, liver and white. Pedigree: By "Coham's Bang" out of "Mr. S. Price's Vesta"; "Vesta: by "Brockton's Bounce (No.768)" out of "Mr. Postan's Venus", by "Bob". Chief Performances: Field Trials, Shrewsbury, 1871; second prize in the Pointer Puppy Stakes." -- EKC Studbook, 1874, Vol.I

""4227 Wagg" -- Mr. T. Wippell's, Alphington, Exeter; breeder, Mr. S. Price, Bow, Devon; whelped 1872 (over 65lb). Pedigree: By "Francis's Sancho (No.1004)" out of "Sappho" by "Coham's Bang" out of "Vesta" (once owned by Rev. T. Pearce) by "Brocklin's Bounce (No.768)" out of "Francis's Belle". Chief Performances:" Dog Shows: Birmingham, 1st prize. Field Trials: Devon and Cornwall, divided prize in the Clinton Stakes for local poitners withe "Bishop's Rock" (only two entries); entered in the Pentillie Stakes, but not placed." -- EKC Studbook, Vol.II

""Bang" (739), liver and white; Mr. S. Price's, Bow, North Devon; born 1870; by Coham's Bang--Vesta; 65lb. weight; free, 5 guineas; kennelman, J. Northam; sire of Bow Bells, Mike, Laurel; railway station Bow (2 miles); telegraph station, Bow 3/4 mile)." -- The Kennel Gazette, March 1881, Stud Dog Ad

""Brockton's Bounce", "Statter's Major", "Whitehouse's Hamlet", "Garth's Drake"! What names to conjure up visions of past glory in the game-fields of England! Mention this quartet and you have named the four cornerstones in the foundation of the Pointer breed. Add the name of "Price's Champion Bang" and you have heralded the principal fountainhead as we know it in this country today." -- The Sportsman's Bookshelf, Volume XIII, Hunting Dogs and Their Uses: The Stackpole Company, Harrisburg, PA, 1951

"Almost as famous as "Drake" was "Ch. Bang", owned by a Mr. Brocton, a big winner at field trials who also won several times at the Crystal Palace dog shows." -- Edmonson & Robertshaw, 1978, The Pointer

""Price's Championg Bang" was a fine, powerful white and liver dog of good size, as most pointers of his day were. In his prime he was considered the handsomest pointer in England, and even "Faust", the great exponent of type and the best heavyweight pointer that was ever brought from England to America, could not have beaten "Bang" when the latter was between three and six years of age. -- A.F. Hochwalt, 1923, The Modern Pointer


"The best bird dogs I have ever owned stemmed from "Commanche Frank" and showed the golden cheek markings, hallmark of the famous Webb Edge strain. "Brockton's Bounce" gave this birthmark to his grandson, "Price's Ch. Bang", who founded what is today the only strain of pointers either here or in England which can match their ancestors in form and performance." -- W.E. Phillips, 1970, The True Pointer and His Ancient Heritage, p.33

""Price's Bang" had two shades to his coat -- a lighter brown over the darker liver, and "Bow Bells" is the same, and almost all of that "Leache's Belle family"" -- EKC March 1885

Hound Cross ???

""Price's Champion Bang" was not an accident, but the result of intelligent, well thought out mating. This becomes apparent more and more as time goes on. Whatever may be said of the fox-hound crosses that, it is alleged, exist in his pedigree, and of the consequent stain on his escutcheon, the fact remains that he was a great individual and a still greater potentiality in the perpetuation of his race. -- A.F. Hochwalt, 1923, The Modern Pointer

""Price's Champion Bang" was bred by Sam Price, of Bow, Devonshire, England, who was considered one of the most successful breeders on the Tight Little Island, in his day. "Bang" was sired by "Coham's Bang", the son of "Whitehouse's Hamlet" and was out of "Vesta", the daughter of "Brockton's Bounce". That is where two of the pillars of the pointer stud book come in combination, if I may use the term. One side of the breeding, no doubt, had as much to do with the result as the other. If alien blood was introduced in the production of "Price's Bang" the pedigree does not show it and any such foxhound cross, if such there was, must have been carefully covered up." -- A.F. Hochwalt, 1923, The Modern Pointer

"Samuel Price had a bitch "Vesta" (daughter of "Bounce") which he mated to "Coham's Bang", a son of "Hamlet". In the resultant litter was the fateful dog "Ch. Bang" (#739). "Bang" was born in 1872 and was most extensively used until his death 13 1/2 years later. The most valuable trait of this dog was that he rarely passed on the hound type, so the hound was still quite close up in his pedigree. "Bang" started a new era for the Pointer." -- W. Marr, 1960's, Pointers and Setters

"Further confirmation of the hound cross in "Ch. Bang" was forthcoming from Mr. John Lee Bulled, doyen of Pointer breeders in this country, when he wrote in Our Dogs ... "My father and Sam Price lived only about half a dozen miles apart, and were often visiting each other ... My father never doubted that Sam Price did cross his Pointer bitch, "Vesta", with a Foxhound, at the same time as he used "Brockton's Bounce", and the latter was always given as the sire of "Bang"; -- (webnote: WHERE has "Brockton's Bounce" been listed as the sire of "Bang" ??? ... "Cohan's Bang" has always been listed as the sire ... which makes one wonder about the entire "story" ???) -- but when "Vesta" whelped that litter she had seven puppies, four of them marked like Foxhounds, which were all destroyed. The other three were Pointers, and they were "Bang", "Beppo", and one bitch, "Pearl". Price kept "Bang" and "Beppo", and they turned out splendid workers and actually won a brace stake, after which "Beppo" was sold for 100pounds to Prince Albert Solm's kennels in Germany. Price kept "Bang" and won several field trials with him. "Pearl" was give to Mr. E. C. Norrish, and he in-bred her to her nephew, "Ch. Bang II". She had only one puppy, and that was the lemon and white bitch, "Ch. Beryl", who, mated to "Ch. Naso of Upton", bred "Ch. Saddleback". ... "Bang" was a big heavy dog, some 68 lbs, in weight, but he was a coarse Pointer all over and would not stand the least chance of winning on our show benches today; but many winning Pointers were bred from him, as he was the only Pointer that stood at public stud just then. He was only benched a few times and won some prizes. ... A good many of "Ch. Bang's" progeny showed the hound coats and tails, more especially the dogs; bitches by him did not show a trace of the hound at all, but one of the best crosses was with "Leach's Belle". ... Each of the dogs showed the Foxhound cross in their heads, tails, and coats, and were coarse all over, but all the bitches were full of quality and hadn't the least sign of the hound about them. Dogs bred from this cross would throw back to the hound a lot more than the bitches."" -- Lola Macdonald Daly quoting Mr. John Lee Bulled, 1938, The Pointer as a Showdog

"Now "Ch. Bang", despite his hound cross, of which the undesirable features were more to be noted in his progeny, was such a good looker that only once was he beaten at any show, and that when he was a very old dog. A painting of him on point shows that he, like "Hamlet", could face the stars of the present day with impunity." -- Lola Macdonald Daly, 1938, The Pointer as a Showdog

"Who questioned Bang's breeding? Certainly not the English Kennel Club because they accepted Sam Price's application for registry and issued certificate #738 as a guarantee of pure blood." -- W.E. Phillips, 1970, The True Pointer and His Ancient Heritage, p.68

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