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Hi ... While "researching" the pedigrees of my own "kids" I simply got interested in pointer pedigrees ... Therefore, I started this list. The format is either outline form, or traditional pedigree form. Some pedigrees are more complete than others, and nearly all pedigrees have hyperlinked names, which, when clicked, bring up the page of that dog's pedigree. Most are 4 or 5 generations plus the dog. I have made NO distinction between repeat breedings and I have also made no attempt to list the entire litter. This list is by no means complete and realistically will never be. Some pedigrees aren't even FINISHED as I got distracted or took off on a tangent while working on them and never made it back. This is a "working" list with notes and comments, and occasionally references and quotes. This collection will be worked on as time and interest permits. If you find any errors or think otherwise about a pedigree PLEASE let me know ( pointers@pacifier.com). PLEASE keep in mind --- There are NO GUARANTEES that ANY pedigree on this list is accurate or even complete. It is for interest and "entertainment" only. Enjoy, Lyn
GO A Collection of Pointer Pedigrees - Mostly "Historical"
Over 1,000 entries with a heavy concentration of pedigrees from the 1800s and early 1900s.

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