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Pilkington's Tory (dog, dark liver/white, w: 1874, breeder Mr. G. Moore, owner Mr. G. Pilkington, EKC 6058)

""6058 Tory" -- Mr. G. Pilkington's, Stoneleigh, Wootton Hill, near Liverpool; breeder, Mr. G. Moore; whelped 1874; colour, dark liver and white. Pedigree: By "Drake (No.842)" out of "Moore's Mab"; "Mab" bred by Rev. J. Holden, pure Edge blood, by his "Major" out of one of his bitches." -- EKC Studbook, 1877, Vol.IV

Pilkington's Tory

Garth's Drake
(w: 1868)

Garth's Drake

Moore's Mab

(bred by Rev. Holden, pure Edge blood)

Holden's Major      
Rev. Holden's bitch      

Sons and Daughters

Some GrandKids

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