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Pilkington's Garnet (dog, liver/white/ticked, w: April 1876, breeder/owner Mr. G. Pilkington, EKC 8114)

""8114 Garnet" -- Mr. G. Pilkington's, Stoneleigh, Woolton Hill, near Liverpool; breeder, owner; whelped April, 1876; colour, liver and white ticked. Pedigree: By "Tory (No.6058)" out of "Jessie (No.6073)". Chief Performance: Field Trials, Linton; Horseheath Stakes, 1st prize and cup." -- EKC Studbook, 1878, Vol.VI

"Garnet: liver and white; Mr. G. Pilkington's Stonleigh, Woolton, Liverpool; born 1876, by Tory (6058) -- Jessie; weight 63 1/2 pounds; fee 5 guineas" -- EKC, January 1881

"Garnet was by Tory, the son of Garth's Drake and Moore's Mab, out of Jessie, by Sefton's Monarch, out of Sefton's Juno." -- Hochwalt, 1923

""Jessie", the dam of "Beau" ["Statter's Beau"], will always appear prominently in future volumes of the stud as the dam also of "Garnet", and she might be termed pure Sefton, as she was by "Lord Sefton's Monarch" by "Mr. Statter's Manton" by his "Major", out of "Lord Sefton's Dence". "Jessie" was a type of exquisite quality, a little bitch of fair substance but brim-ful of blood-like lines; bred out of her family to a "Drake" dog, she got a big dog like Garnet, and others that were coarser than he is, but for quality she produced the best to the Sefton strain, pure as instanced by her daughter "Fancy" by "Lord Sefton's Marquis"; the latter is more blood like than "Mr. Statter's Beau", and on the female line to produce pure Seftons should be about the most valuable pointer bitch in the Stud Book." -- Pillars of the Stud Book 1881

Pilkington's Garnet

Pilkington's Tory
(dark liver/white)
(w: 1874)
Garth's Drake
(w: 1868)

Garth's Drake

Garth's Rap Comberbach's Don
(w: 1859)
Cornwall Legh's Mars
Garth's Jilt
("Lord Lichfield's Jilt")

(sold to Mr. Garth in 1862)

Lord Lichfield's Jasper
Lord Lichfield's Juno
Garth's Doll
("Doll I")
(w: 1864)
Ch. Newton's Ranger
(w: 1859)
Whichcote's Ranger
Foster's Ruth
Garth's Mite Derby's Duke
Derby's Daisy
Moore's Mab

(bred by Rev. Holden, pure Edge blood)

Holden's Major    
Rev. Holden's bitch    
Pilkington's Jessie
(bred by Lord Sefton)
(w: 1871)
Sefton's Monarch Statter's Manton
(white, liver head)
(w: 1869)
Statter's Major Old Major
Garth's Mite
Charm Drab
(bred by Lord Sefton)

(Combermere's Carlo x Statter's Jane)

Sefton's Sappho Sefton's Shot
("Sefton's Spot")
(Beal's, Staham's, Statter's, Wilmot's)
Sefton's Jessie
Sefton's Pearl Sefton's Beau
sister to White's Monarch
Sefton's Juno Sefton's Sam Statter's Major Old Major
Garth's Mite
Sefton's Drab Derby's Drake
Sefton's Sappho
Duchess Sefton's Mat Sefton's Beau
Legh's Merry
Harcourt's Sap  

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