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Phyllis (bitch, black/white, w: September 19, 1884, breeder E.C. Alden, owner S.T. Colt, AKC 10130)
Daisy A (bitch, black/white, w: May 15, 1885, breeder G.A. Phillips, owner C.A. Parker, AKC 11139)

""10130 Phyllis" -- S.T. Colt, Elmwood, Conn. Breeder, E.C. Alden, Dedham, Mass. Whelped September 19, 1884; black and white; by "Pete Jr.", out of "Daisy A" [discrepancies, see "Daisy A" below], by "imported Bob", out of "imported Sal", by "Dick", outof "Ruby"; "Bob", by "Bang", out of "Princess Kate"; "Pete Jr.", by "Pete (1235)", out of "Nellie", by "Meyer's Ren", out of "Henderson's Pet"." -- AKC Studbook, 1888, Vol.V

NOTE: -- "Daisy A" appears to be repeat breeding of "Phyllis" ... according to birthdates, "Daisy A" cannot be the dam of "Phyllis" ... most likely "Daisy" is the dam of "Phyllis"

AKC: "Daisy A"
""11139 Daisy A" -- C.A. Parker, Worcester, Mass. Breeder, G.A. Phillips, Denham, Mass. Whelped May 15, 1885; black and white; by "Pete, Jr.", out of "Daisy", by "Bob (7834)", out of "Sal (8068)"; "Pete, Jr.", by "Pete (1235)", out of "Woodbridge's Nellie", by "Ren", out of "Pet". Bench Shows: 2nd, Providence, V.H.C., Boston, 1887." -- AKC Studbook, 1888, Vol.V

Other "Phyllis" or "Phillis":

"Phillis" behind "Jim (1224 AKC)"
""1224 Jim" -- C.M. Bryant, Boston, Mass. Breeder, E.H. Dawson. Whelped March, 1876; black; by "Pete (1235)", out of "Phillis"; "Pete" by "Phil", out of "Prudence"; "Phillis", by "Phil", out of "Crosby's Fan"." -- AKC Studbook, Vol.I

"Phillis" behind "Woolton Dick"
""60049 Woolton Druid" -- J.M.R. Daniels, Cleveland, Ohio. Breeder, G. Pilkington. Whelped March, 1892; liver, white and ticked. By "Woolton Dick", out of "Lauri", by "Lake", out of "Dingle", by "Druid", out of "Bess"; "Lake" by "Lancet", out of "Fancy"; "Woolton Dick" by "Ightfield Dick", out of "Phillis", by "Young Bang", out of "Juno"; "Ightfield Dick" by "Dick III", out of "Belle of Bow"." -- AKC Studbook, 1901, Vol.XVIII

"Phyllis" behind "Fordcombe Prince (38294 EKC)":
""38294 Fordcombe Prince" -- Mr. J. Bishop's (late Mr. Barclay Field's), Holly House, Hadley, Wellington, Salop; br. Mr. A.P. Heywood Lonsdale; wh. June 4th, 1890; c. liver and white. By "Ightfield Dick" out of "Phyllis", by "Gough" out of "Larkspur (19510)"; "Gough" by "Garnet (8114)" out of "Doxey (10072)"; "Ightfield Dick" by "Dick III (11287)" out of "Belle of Bow (14042)"." -- EKC Studbook, 1895, Vol.XXII


Pete Jr. Strong's Pete
(w: 1873)
Waddell's Phil

(brought from the South during the Civil War)

Kelsey's Prudence
Wabberton's Dandy
("Warburton's Dandy")
Russell's Shot
Goodrich's Nell
Crotchet's Moll Waddell's Phil
Crosby's Fan
Woodbridge's Nellie Meyer's Ren    
Henderson's Pet    

(discrepancies, see above ... AKC birthdate's do not work for "Daisy A" ... most likely is "Daisy" ... the following is for "Daisy")

imported Bob
(w: 1881)

(imported by Mr. G.W. Amory, bred by Mr. F.C. Lowe, England, litterbrother to "Bang Bang")

imported Sal
(w: 1880)

(imported by Mr. G.W. Amory, bred by Mr. Barclay Field, London)

Barclay Field's Dick
("Dick I")
(w: 1872)
Statter's Major Old Major
Garth's Mite
Statter's Sappho Garth's Drake
(w: 1868)

Garth's Drake

("Sappho I")
(Barclay Field's)
(w: 1878)
(Barclay Field's)
(w: 1873)
Garth's Drake
(w: 1868)

Garth's Drake

Statter's Romp
(w: 1875)

(bred by Mr. S. Price, owned by Mr. Barclay Field)


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