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Ossian (dog, AKC 16,152)
Wise Croxteth (dog, liver/white, w: May 8, 1886)

-- Image scanned from Field Trial Records of Dogs in America with other Authentic Statistics, 1874 (to July 1) 1907, by Maj. J.M. Taylor, 1907.

AKC: "Wise Croxteth" -- dam seen as "Annie":
""21389 Wise Croxteth" -- H.C. Shannon, Goldsboro, N.C. Breeder, Hon. John S. Wise, New York. Whelped May 8, 1886; liver and white; by "Croxteth (2871)", out of "Annie (4128)"." -- AKC Studbook, 1891, Vol.VIII

Ossian - Wise Croxteth

(w: 1878)


Young Bang
(w: 1874)
MacDonna's Jane
("Macdona's Jane")
(w: 1875)
(w: 1883)

(seen in "Wise Croxteth AKC 21389" pedigree as "Annie")

Vandevort's Don
(w: 1879)

Vandevort's Don

Wise's Beulah
(w: 1878)

Some GrandKids

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