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Nell of Efford (bitch, lemon/white, w: March 1879, "Huggin's Nell", breeder, Mr. Rew, owner: E.C. Norrish, previously owned by Mr. Huggin, imported to U.S. May 1885, AKR 2415, AKC 4215, EKC 14076)

""14,076 Nell of Efford" -- Mr. E.C. Norrish's, Shobrook, Crediton (late Mr. J. Huggin's); breeder, Mr. Rew; date of birth, March, 1879; colour, lemon and white. By "Huggin's Don Juan" out of "Rew's Kate", by "Peamore's Wagg" out of "Congdon's Kate"; "Don Juan" by "Random" out of "Huggin's Juno". Bideford, 1st." -- EKC Studbook, 1883, Vol.XI

American Kennel Register (AKR):
""2415 Nell of Efford" (E. 14,086), lemon and white dog, whelped March, 1879. Breeder, Mr. Rew Thorverton, Devon, Eng. Owner, Mr. Jas. L. Anthony, 24 East Fifty-sixth street, New York city. Sire -- "Don Juan", by "Random" ("Bounce"-"Belle") out of "Higgin's Juno". Dam -- "Kate", by "Peamore's Wagg" (by "Old Wagg", E. 4,227) out of "Congdon's Kate", by champion "Bang" (E. 739) out of "Congdon's bitch". Record -- First, Biddleford." -- American Kennel Register, June 1885

"During 1885, Mr. James L. Anthony of New York startled the kennel world by importing the famed English champion " Graphic", and a valuable brood bitch, "Nell of Efford", from Mr. Norrish's kennels in Devonshire. -- James Watson, "The Dog Book", 1906; reprinted in Pointer Points, vol.4-91

""Nell of Efford", which came over with "Graphic" in May, 1885, was purchased solely as a brood bitch and at the time of her importation was past six years old. In England she had already produced several winners, but she lived only two years in this country, during which time she did little to help the Graphic Kennels. Unlike all the others in the kennels, she was a lemon and white. Her sire was "Don Juan", by "Random", the son of "Brockton's Bounce", and her dam was "Rew's Kate", by "Peamore Wagg", a son of old "Champion Wagg". As far as blood lines are concerned she was an excellent cross with the "Graphic" blood." -- A. F. Hochwalt, 1923, The Modern Pointer

Nell of Efford

Huggin's Don Juan Random

(littermate to Price's Vesta, Sancho, and Ch. Chang)

Brockton's Bounce
(w: 1861)
Duke of Newcastle's Bounce Duke of Portland dog
(assume Edge of Strelly line)
Francis' Belle Sancho Mentor

(from South Molton)


(bred near Molton Abbot)

Huggin's Juno      
Rew's Kate Peamore Wagg
(Wagg II)
("Old Wagg")
(w: 1872)



(littermate to Price's Vesta, Random, and Ch. Chang)

Brockton's Bounce
(w: 1861)
Francis' Belle
Price's Vesta
Pitman's Juno    
Congdon's Kate Price's Bang
(liver/white, gold cheeks)
(w: 1870)

Price's Bang

AKR says "Congdon's bitch"    

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