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Ch. Nancolleth Marquis (dog, liver/white, Westminster Group I, 1935)

Nancolleth Marquis
"Ch. Nancolleth Marquis, Westminster Kennel Club Best Point and Group 1, 1935"
-- Caption on the back says Westminster Best Pointer, February 15, 1935. Photograph in the collection of Lyn Topinka.

Nancolleth Marquis

Futurist Trewithen Must
(w: 1921)
Nancolleth Belle
(w: 1921)
Sancho Endsleigh Duke
(w: 1901)
Devonshire Mac
Endsleigh Duchess
Callingotn Belle Tavistock Duke Bang
(which ???)
Tavistock Trump Tiverton David
Ella of Crombie Pip of Crombie
(Ferndale Ferryboy)
Ferndale Farmer Ferndale Remus Ferndale Rock
Ferndale Madge
(w: 1899)
Ferndale Dot Ferndale Rex
Ferndale Di
Ferndale Peggy Ferndale Farmer Ferndale Remus
Ferndale Dot
Ferndale Dinah Molton Bevel
(w: 1900)
Ferndale Ruby
Elizabeth of Crombie
(w: 1924)

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