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Ch. Nancolleth Markable (dog, lemon/white, w: July 8, 1929, 1931 RBIS Crufts, 1932 BIS Westminster, Am. Ch. 1934)
Ch. Nancolleth Beryl of Giralda (bitch, liver/white, w: July 8, 1929, 21 BIS)
Image, Ch. Nancolleth Markable, 1932 Westminster Kennel Club Best-in-Show

"Ch. Nancolleth Markable, 1932 Westminster Kennel Club Best-in-Show"
-- Image courtesy Westminster Kennel Club website, 2012.

Nancolleth Markable, 1932 Westminster BIS, Dog-Newsreel images

"Ch. Nancolleth Markable, winning 1932 Westminster Kennel Club Best-in-Show"
-- Wellesbourne Dog-Newsreel, 1932, images captured from clip on the Westminster Kennel Club website, 2011

Nancolleth Markable, Fall Photo

"Ch. Nancolleth Markable"
-- Fall Photo

Nancolleth Markable, information

"Ch. Nancolleth Markable, 1932 Westminster Kennel Club Best-in-Show"
-- information courtesy Westminster Kennel Club website, 2011

"A dog of the 1930's who was never beaten by any other pointer was the lemon and white "Nancolleth Markable". Bred by Mrs. F.A. Rowe, he qualified in the field at the Devon and Cornwall trials before being finally exported to America." -- Edmondson and Robertshaw, 1978, The Pointer: Faber and Faber, London"

""Ch. Nancolleth Markable" was one of a litter which has been described as the best ever bred. Mrs. F.A. Rowe was the breeder, and the litter, by "Ch. Nancolleth Mark" out of "Ella of Crombie", contained three dogs and three bitches of superlative character -- "Nancolleth Markable", "Beryl", "Markall", "Victor", and "Kitty", all of which went to the States, and "Celebrity", another lovely bitch. The peak performances of "Markable's" career in Britain were at Cruft's and Manchester in 1931, for at Cruft's he not only won all he could in his own classes, but on the second day he won the Great International Open Class against all breeds, and was reserve for the best dog or bitch in the show." -- Lola Macdonald Daly, The Pointer as a Showdog

""Ch. Nancolleth Markable", son of "Mark" out of "Ella of Crombie" was the most famous dog to come from this kennel (Nancolleth). He was never beaten by another Pointer, his best win begin at Crufts in 1931 when he won reserve best in show, all breeds, followed by best in show, all breeds at Manchester Championship Show. After this he was exported to America in the "giralda" kennel of Mrs. Geraldine Dodge. Further success followed with best in show at the Westminster Kennel Club, the American equivalent of Crufts, making him the second Pointer only to win this prestigious award since Mr. Robert Maloney's win in 1925 with "Ch. Governor Moscow", the double grand sire of "Herewithem Moscows Spirit"." -- Robertshaw, 2000, Pointers Past & Present

""Ch. Nancolleth Beryl of Giralda" set an "All-Time" Best-In-Show record of 21 BIS, which lasted for 48 years. It was surpassed by "Ch. Cumbrian Black Pearl" in 1984. -- information courtesy Nancy Tuthill, Cumbrian Kennels

  • Sh. Ch. Nancolleth Mark (w: 1924)

    • Trewithen Must (w: 1921)
      • Trewithen Lookout
        • Ferndale Rex
          • Ferndale Bosco
          • Ferndale Nell
        • Ferndale Dinah II
          • Ferndale Monk
          • Ferndale Fairy
      • Trewithen Kumel
        • Tiverton David
          • Trewithen Cartridge
          • Stella of Tiverton (w: 1914)
        • Trewithen Hustle
          • Templar
          • Trewithen Careless

    • Nancolleth Belle (l/w, w: 1921)
      • Sancho
      • Callington Belle
        • Tavistock Duke
          • Bang (which Bang ???)
          • Duchess
        • Tavistock Trump
          • Tiverton David
          • Stella


  • Ella of Crombie

    • Pip of Crombie
      • Ferndale Farmer
        • Ferndale Remus
          • Ferndale Rock
          • Ferndale Madge (l/w, w: 1899)
        • Ferndale Dot
          • Ferndale Rex
          • Ferndale Di
      • Ferndale Peggy
        • Ferndale Farmer
          • Ferndale Remus
          • Ferndale Dot
        • Ferndale Dinah
          • Molton Bevel (w: 1900)
          • Ferndale Ruby

    • Image Elizabeth of Crombie

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