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Molton Broom (bitch, w: August 6, 1883, breeder/owner Mr. R.S. Bryan, EKC 16285)
Molton Baron (dog, liver/white, w: August 6, 1883, breeder Mr. R.S. Bryan, owner Mr. W.V. Richard, EKC 20187)

""16285 Molton Broom" -- Mr. R.S. Bryan's, South Molton, North Devon; breeder, owner; date of birth, August 6, 1883. By "Mr. R.P. Leach's Bang II", out of owner's "Beta". Barnstaple, 1st." -- EKC Studbook, 1884, Vol.XII

""20187 Molton Baron" -- Mr. W.V. Richard's, The Square, Bernstaple; breeder, Mr. R.S. Bryan; date of birth; August 6th, 1883. By "Bang II (9997)" out of "breeder's Beta", by "Crosse's Rap" out of "Princess" by "Richard's Bang" out of "Juno". Birmingham, 3rd." -- EKC Studbook, 1886, Vol.XIV

"A familiar name amongst pointer breeders at the present day is that of Mr. R. Stawell Bryan, of South Molton. Coming out first as a successful poultry exhibitor, principally in the game and Azeel classes, it was not a very big jump from poultry to pointers; and all the more easy as he had been a thorough sportsman from his boyhood, and knew practically what a pointer's work should be. Possessing a good strain to start with, he has consistently bred for size, substance, and working characteristics. Well do I remember "Beta" some ten years ago, when she was on a stud visit to "Mr. Leach's grand old Bang II". One of the offspring of this union was "Molton Broom", who can surely claim to be the very corner stone of Mr. Bryan's kennels. Her litter brother, "Molton Baron", was also extra good, his best progeny at the present day being Mr. Bulled's "Devonshire Nero", ... "Molton Byrsa", and "Banker". The latter was good enough to win at Barn Elms, the Crystal Palace, and other large shows. "Beta's" pedigree traces back on her dam's side to Mr. Whitehouse's blood, while her sire was a brother to Mr. Stranger's well-known "Don of Devon".

Probably no pointer bitch of the present day has been more successful than "Molton Broom", whose chief progeny, by "Saddleback", are "Molton Banner", "Molton Brake", "Molton Bronte", "Sandford Bang", "Sandford Quince", "Sandford Revel", "Beau o'the Border", and "Heather Graphic", all of which have gained their laurels in high class company. "Molton Broom" also bred well to Mr. Lloyd's "Totnes Milo", a son of "Zero-Zoe", and produced the stoutly-made "Bracken", from whom again sprang "Sandford Graphic", sire of Mr. Norrish's "Graphic Secundus", who was first in the open and first in the Novice Class at the Kennel Culb Show last July, but unfortunately succumbed to distemper shortly after." -- R. Lee, 1893

""Molton Baron" was by "Bang II" out of "Bryan's Beta", who was by "Rap" out of "Princess", by "Bang" out of "Juno". "Bang II" was by "Price's Bang" out of "Belle", by "Lance" out of "Fan", so it will be seen that he had a very good pedigree." -- Hochwalt, 1911

Molton Broom - Molton Baron

Ch. Bang II
(w: 1876)
Bryan's Beta Cross's Rap
(w: 1878)
Beau of Devon
(w: 1878)

(NOTE -- pedigree discrepancies for "Beau of Devon" ... see "Cross's Rap" pages for more information)

Juno Shot
Belle Price's Bang
(liver/white, gold cheeks)
(w: 1870)

Price's Bang

Coham's Bang
Price's Vesta

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Richard's Bang    

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