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Blackfield Moanruad Velvet (bitch, black/white)

"In 1962, the kennel (Crookrise) was again able to pick up on an imported Dual Champion ... An orange and white Pointer, International Duel Champion of France and Italy, "Barnabes de Valesia" ... Within a year ... my father had made the acquaintance of Joe Dub of Blackfield in Ireland who informed him that he, and John Nash had imported a bitch from Italy. She was "Valiant Truly" and was in whelp to "Barnabes de Valesia". The litter was born in quarantine and Joe Dub agreed to let my father have a bitch puppy from this litter. Her name was "Blackfield Moanruad Velvet" and she joined the kennel in 1962, enabling us to introduce another Continental line." -- Robertshaw, 2000, Pointers Past & Present

"After the war, Signor Luis Zavattero moved from East Asia to Rome and founded his kennel Valiant with the lemon and white Swiss-bred "Barnabes de Valesia", the lemon and white "Ora del Oro", and the good black and white worker "Brio II". "Brio" was part Italian, part French bred. "Barnabes" had a good nose and was a good quarterer but not a stylist. This dog, not a bad looker, but badly pigmented, carries a lot of blood of poor performers, black Pointers and English show blood. Used most intensively for breeding, few stars emerged among its progeny ." -- Marr, p.25


  • Int'l Ch. Barnabes De Valesia (lem/wh, Swiss-bred)

    • Sieg. Spahi de im Pepiniere (F.Ch.)
      • Nicodeme de Weck
        • Hallo de Perolles
          • Dack des Mordorees
          • Elle des Dailletes
        • Katie de Perolles
          • Ch. L. D. Jo de Sant Roch
          • Dolly de Friedheim
      • Lily Passy Lacour
        • Colin du Val Noir
          • Jim du Val Noir
          • Margot du Val Noir
        • Javotte Passy Lacour
          • Ch. B. Happy de la Briche
          • Duchesse de Friedheim

    • Sieg. Ula de Combloney (F.Ch.)
      • Rick de Lemania
        • Ch. L. Pito de Lemania
          • Monbob de la Bruche
          • Miss de Wattincourt
        • Lady de Lemania
          • Village Boy Jaguar
          • Jete de Friedheim
      • Pepe de Combloney
        • Nino de Greng
          • Ch. L. Khan de Friedheim
          • Ch. L. Kis de Perolles
        • Ch. L. Nell de Lemania
          • Ch. L. Flick de Perolles
          • Lady de Lemania


  • Valiant Truly

    • F.Ch. Brio II (b/w)
    • Valiant Faith

Sons and Daughters

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