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Ch. Mallwyd Glory (Melksham Glory) (bitch, liver/white, w: May 30, 1904, breeder H. Sawtell, owner T. Steadman, EKC 915L)
Lansdowne Melksham First Choice (Melksham First Choice) (bitch, liver/white, w: May 30, 1904, breeder H. Sawtell (England), owner B.F. Lewis (USA), "Melksham First Choice" (EKC), "Lansdowne Melksham First Choice" (AKC), AKC 124892, EKC 933K)
Melksham Wagg (dog, liver/white, w: November 9, 1903, breeder H. Sawtell, owner Mrs. de Sales la Terriere, EKC 259M)

""915L Mallwyd Glory (late Melksham Glory)" -- T. Steadman; br. H. Sawtell; wh. 30 May 04; s. "Lunesdale Wagg, Ch. (295F)", d. "Coronation, Ch., (32G)"; c. liver and white. Winner at Agricultural Hall (Cruft's), 2nd open, 2nd limit; Crystal Palace (Kennel Club), 1st open, 1st limit; Birmingham, 2nd open, 3rd limit." -- EKC Studbook, 1906, XXXIV

""124892 Lansdowne Melksham First Choice" -- B.F. Lewis, Jr., Lansdowne, Pa. Breeder, H. Sawtell, England. Whelped May 30, 1904. Liver and white. By "Lunesdale Wagg" out of "Coronation (98605)"; "Lunesdale Wagg" by "Woolton Druid (60049)" out of "Druidess", by "Lunesdale Rajah" out of "Lunesdale Ling"." -- AKC Studbook, Vol.XXV, 1908

"Born in July, 1900, was "Ch. Lunesdale Wagg", bred and exhibited by Mrs. Horner, and a winner of over 30 certificates. On the age-old principle of mate a Derby winner to an Oaks winner, Mr. Sawtell sent "Coronation" to "Wagg", and in the resultant litter, among others, was "Mallwyd Glory", which, in the hands of Mr. Tom Steadman, made her title. "Glory", mated to "Ferndale Wagg", threw "Mallwyd Harold", sire of "Broom Hill Dan"." -- Daly, The Pointer as a Show Dog

"The success of "Mark's Rush" on the bench inspired Mr. Bleistein to branch out farther and he soon acquired a kennel of pointers that could not be beaten on the bench by anybody, but it must be remembered these were all purchases and we do not believe up to this time that he has bred one that could hold its own with the really good ones. Among the earlier dogs which Mr. Bleistein acquired were "Baron Faskally", "Thelbridge Boy", both importations and the two American-bred dogs, "Lansdowne Arizona" and "Lansdowne Montana", both of which were very successful. Among the bitches were "Beatrice", "Halberton Judith", "Lansdowne Sensation", and "Coronation". These were all importations, but with the exception of "Coronation" we could not see any extraordinary merit in any of them. "Coronation" came to this country as the greatest England ever produced, and with such a reputation it was natural that she attracted a great amount of attention. She is a very smoothly made one, not just right in expression, but very clean in shoulders, legs and chest and remarkably well made in loin quarters and stifles. A year later her daughter, "Mallwyd Glory" was brought over and she, in our opinion, was more of a pointer than "Coronation", being better in head and having a more useful appearance." -- Hochwalt, 1911

"In the early part of 1909, or rather December, 1908, Ben Lewis again made a trip to England and brought back another draft of pointers for the Bleistein kennels. Among this lot was a bitch called "Melksham First Choice". She also is a daughter of "Coronation" by that great English bench winner, "Lunesdale Wagg". This is decidedly the best that we have yet seen in bitches from the other side among latter day importations and back of her head wich does not quite impress one on account of its houndiness and some expression, little fault can be found with her." -- Hochwalt, 1911

"Perhaps, at the period referred to, George Bleistein was the most enthusiastic of all the exhibitors of pointers, but he never could be induced to take up field trials. His first dog was the very handsome "Mark's Rush", which was shown year after year until (the last time I saw him I think it was 1909 or 1910) he was nearly ten years old and one of the best preserved pointers that one could possibly find at his age. This dog went back on both sides to "Rush of Lad". Among the other good dogs Mr. Bleistein had in his kennels were "Landsdowne Arizona", "Lansdowne Montana", "Thelbridge Boy", and others of almost equal note. In bitches he imported "Coronation", which was considered one of the best of her time. And then there was "Halburton Judith", "Landsdowne Sensation", "Beatrice", and later on "Mallwyd Glory", a daughter of "Coronation". All these, however, were imported, and not bred in the Bleistein Kennels. Another daughter of "Coronation" was brought over from England a little later. This was "Melksham First Choice", by that good English dog "Lunesdale Wagg", and, in my opinion, one of the best pointer bitches which caem over in recent years." -- Hochwalt, 1923

Ch. Mallwyd Glory

Ch. Lunesdale Wagg
(w: 1900)

Lunesdale Wagg

Ch. Coronation
(w: 1901)



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