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Ch. Lurgan Loyalty (dog, liver/white, w: November 23, 1896 )

Lurgan Loyalty
"Lurgan Loyalty"
-- Caption on back reads: "Mrs. F.C. Hignett's Pointer, "Lurgan Loyalty," 1st and challenge, Kennel Club's 46th Exhibition, 1901." Odgen's Tab Cigarette's Tobacco Card.

""618C Lurgan Loyalty" -- W.H. David; br. R. Chapman; w. 23 Nov. 96, s. "Heather Graphic 31,052", d. "Heather Juno 36,104"; c. liver and white. Winner at Strabane, Crystal Palace K.C., Birmingham." -- EKC Studbook, Vol.XXVI, 1898

Ch. Lurgan Loyalty

Heather Graphic
(w: 1890)
Heather Juno
(w: 1890)
Flake O'The Border
(Flake III)
(w: 1885)
(Rev. Shield's)
(w: 1879)
(w: 1875)
Lord Sefton's Sam
Pilkington's Nell
Shield's Belle
(w: 1876)
Price's Bang
(liver/white, gold cheeks)
(w: 1870)

Price's Bang

Ch. Glee
(w: 1881)
(w: 1879)
Norrish's Bob
Andrew's Sappho
Nell of Efford
(w: 1879)
Huggin's Don Juan
Rew's Kate
Heather Meg
(w: 1884)
Ken Duke  
Lily of the Valley Duke  

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