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Ch. Lunesdale Wagg (dog, liver/white, w: July 18, 1900, breeder/owner Mrs. Horner, EKC 295F)

Lunesdale Wagg
"Ch. Lunesdale Wagg"
-- Pascall Pictures Sweets and Cholocates Card. Caption on back reads: "No.16. Pointer, Ch. Lunewsdale Wagg. Long in head and muzzle, the latter being blunt. Neck is clean, shoulders sloping, body powerful, though not clumsy-looking. The forelegs must be heavy in bone and straight, with well-formed feet; the coast is short and close."

Lunesdale Wagg
"Ch. Lunesdale Wagg"
-- Source: Twentieth Century Dogs, Sporting, 1904

""295F Lunesdale Wagg" -- Mrs. Horner; br. owner; wh. 18 July 00; s. "Woolton Druid 36082", d. "Druidess 651F"; c. liver and white." -- EKC Studbook, 1901, XXIX

""Ch. Lunesdale Wagg" (born 1900) won over thirty-four challenge certificates, quite an achievement considering the shows were nowhere near as numerous as today. He won his last challenge certificate at the age of eight and still seemed to be in good shape. On the day he won his 25th challenge certificate, "Ch. Lunesdale Wagg" was awarded a special prize at the Kennel Club Show for the Pointer with the most typical head." -- Robertshaw, 2000, Pointers Past & Present

""Ch. Lunesdale Wagg" had an epic career, and was still good enough at eight years old to win a certificate at Darlington, and good enough in his tenth again to beat younger champions in the Kennel Club show, field trial class. Some of his best clashes were with "Ch. Lucky Pioneer", the last all-black Pointer of note to be shown." -- Daly, The Pointer as a Show Dog

"Born in July, 1900, was "Ch. Lunesdale Wagg", bred and exhibited by Mrs. Horner, and a winner of over 30 certificates. On the age-old principle of mate a Derby winner to an Oaks winner, Mr. Sawtell sent "Coronation" to "Wagg", and in the resultant litter, among others, was "Mallwyd Glory", which, in the hands of Mr. Tom Steadman, made her title. "Glory", mated to "Ferndale Wagg", threw "Mallwyd Harold", sire of "Broom Hill Dan"." -- Daly, The Pointer as a Show Dog

""Ch. Lunesdale Wagg" was bred by its owner, Mrs. L. Horner, and is by the field-trial Champion "Woolton Druid" ex "Druidess", and was whelped in July 1900. It is a white dog, with a liver head and a slight patch of liver on its back; weighs rather over 60 lbs. and stands 26 inches at the shoulder. Its owner describes it as "a big, strong dog, eyes brown (rather on the light side), carriage of ears and tail perfect, as also are his legs, feet, and girth of body. He has won five championships, including Birmingham in 1903, under such a connoisseur as Mr. Harding Cox, and nearly fifty first prizes, with many of lesser dignity. He is the sire of "Fishguard Shot" and several other very promising young pointers, and will no doubt leave his mark on the breed." -- IN: Twentieth Century Dogs, Sporting, published 1904

Ch. Lunesdale Wagg

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