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Ch. Lucky Pioneer (dog, black, w: August 2, 1902, breeder J.Bishop, owner J.McAdam, EKC 650H)

""Lucky Pioneer" 650H; (dog); J. McAdam; br. J.Bishop; wh. 2 Aug. 02; s. Crahavie Duke 656G, d. Fan, unr.; c. Black." -- EKC Studbook, 1903, Vol.XXXI

""Ch. Lunesdale Wagg" had an epic career, and was still good enough at eight years old to win a certificate at Darlington, and good enough in his tenth again to beat younger champions in the Kennel Club show, field trial class. Some of his best clashes were with "Ch. Lucky Pioneer", the last all-black Pointer of note to be shown." -- Daly, The Pointer as a Show Dog

"... the last all black Ch. Pointer in Britain -- "Ch. Lucky Pioneer"" -- Marr, Pointers and Setters

Ch. Lucky Pioneer

Crahavie Duke
(EKC 565G)
(w: 1898)
Mr. Graham's)

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