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Lort's Lill (bitch, lemon/white, breeder/owner Mr. W. Lort, EKC 1198)
Cotter (dog, "own brother to General Prim")
General Prim (dog, lemon/white, w: March 1868, breeder Mr. W. Lort, owner Mr. C.W. Brierley, former owners Mr. G.R. Rogerson and Mr. Cropper, EKC 869)

""1198 Lill" -- Mr. W. Lort's, The Cotteridge, King's Norton; breeder, owner; colour, lemon and white. Pedigree: By "Holford's Bang (No.735)" out of "Lort's Fairy", by "Whitehouse's Hamlet (No.876)" out of "Mr. Kendrick's bitch ("Lill" is own sister, and the same litter as "Brierley's General Prim"). Chief Performances: Field Trials, Devon and Cornwall, 1873, entered in the Pointer Stakes, but not placed; Shrewsbury, 1872, entered in the All-aged Pointer Bitches Stakes, but not placed." -- EKC Studbook, 1874, Vol.I

""869 General Prim" -- Mr. C.W. Brierley's, Rhodes House, Middleton, Manchester (formerly the property of Mr. G.R. Rogerson, of Mossley Hill, Liverpool, and Mr. Cropper, of Horncastle); breeder, Mr. W. Lort, The Cutteridge, King's Norton, Birmingham; born March, 1868; colour, lemon and white. Pedigree: By "Holford's Bang (No.735)" out of "Lort's Fairy"; "Fairy" by "Whitehouse's Hamlet" out of "Kendrick's bitch ("Sal's" dam)"; "Hamlet (No.876)" by "Bird's Bob" out of "Juno. "Gen.Prim" is sire of "Mr. Shirley's Primus", "Mr. Brierley's Balfe", "Mr. Grass's Rap", and "Mr. Macdona's Satire". Chief Performances: Birmingham, 1st prize (when 8 months old) 1868; very highly commended in the champion class, 1870; Crystal Palace champion prize, 1872, champion prize, 1873; Manchester Belle Vue, 1st prize, 1869; Edinburgh champion prize, 1873; Manchester Free Hall, champion prize, 1873." -- EKC Studbook, 1874, Vol.I

dam of "Young Mars"
EKC Studbook (Vol.I, 1874), gives two different dams for "Young Mars" ... the entry for "Lichfield's Mars (EKC 918)" gives dam as "Bess" ... however an entry under "Lichfield's Bess (EKC 1976)", gives her sire as "Lord Lichfield's Young Mars", by "Taylor's Mars" out of "Juno", "Juno" by "Shaw's Yorick" out of "Lord Lichfield's Jessie".

Lort's Lill - General Prim - Cotter

Holford's Bang
(w: 1865)
Lord Lichfield's Mars
(w: 1860)
(commonly known as "Young Mars")

(two different dams for "Young Mars" ... see notes above ... the following is from "Mars 918" EKC entry ...)

("Taylor's Mars")
Lord Bentinck's Carlo  
Mr. Hart's Nance  

(same breeding as "Lord Lichfield's Brag I")

Lord Derby's Bang

(bred by Mr. Walker of Notts)

Lord Lichfield's Mona Sefton's Major
Lord Lichfield's Belle
Antrobus's Jessie
("Antrobus's Jesse")
Lort's Fairy Whitehouse's Hamlet
(w: 1861)

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a Kendrick bitch, who was also "Sal's" dam      

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