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Leach's Belle (bitch)

Sire: Lance

""9997 Bang II" -- Mr. R.P. Leach's, Beers, Cadbury, Tiverton; breeder, owner; whelped February, 1876; colour, liver and white. By "Bang (739)" out of "Bell", by "Lance" out of "Fan". -- EKC Calendar and Studbook, Vol.VIII, 1880

HOWEVER, appears to be correction the following year --- ""9997 Bang II, Champion" -- Mr. R.P. Leach's, Beers, Cadbury, Tiverton, Devon. By "Bang (739)" out of "Bell", by "Sancho (1004)". -- EKC Calendar and Studbook, Vol.XIX, 1881

""Molton Baron" was by "Bang II" out of "Bryan's Beta", who was by "Rap" out of "Princess", by "Bang" out of "Juno". "Bang II" was by "Price's Bang" out of "Belle", by "Lance" out of "Fan", so it will be seen that he had a very good pedigree." -- Hochwalt, 1911

Sire: Sancho

""Bang" and a "Sancho bitch" produced such good ones as "Bow Bells", "Maggie", "Bang II", "Ben", &c." -- EKC September 1881, "Pillars of the Stud Book"

""9997 Bang II, Champion" -- Mr. R.P. Leach's, Beers, Cadbury, Tiverton, Devon. By "Bang (739)" out of "Bell", by "Sancho (1004)". -- EKC Calendar and Studbook, Vol.XIX, 1881

""Bonus Sancho (10,000)"; liver and white; Mr. John Bonny's, Bleakfield, Blackpool, Lancashire; born 1878; by "Price's champion Bang"-- "Leach's Old Belle", by "Francis's Sancho"; about 66lb, weight; fee 5 guineas. 1st Berlin, Alexandra Palace, &c. Sire of "champion Graphic", "Lady Olive", "Bleakfield Belle". -- Railway and telegraph station, Blackpool. -- EKC, February 1885, Stud dog ad

"Prince Albert Solms, of Branufels, Prussia, was the breeder of "Naso of Kippen", and he was whelped May 24, 1882. ... "Champion Maggie", his dam, was a splendid individual, by "Price's Bang", out of "Leach's Belle", which was by "Sancho", out of "Fan"." -- Hochwalt, 1923, The Modern Pointer, p.40

Sire: Wagg

"Sancho" bred to his niece "Sappho", produced that nearly perfect specimen of pointer "Wagg" which was so successfully shown by Mr. R.J. Lloyd Price, of Bala, and, bred to the late Mr. R.P. "Leach's Fan" -- whose ancestors were from the North of Devon -- produced "Leach's Belle", probably the most successful brood bitch of that day. Amongst her numerous offspring were the Champions "Bang II." and "Bow Bells", "Bonus Sancho", "Merry Bells", "Belle of the Ball", and "Grant's Maggie", all of which were sired by "Price's Bang"." -- Rawdon Lee, 1893, A History and Description of the Modern Dogs (Sporting Division) of Great Britain and Ireland (and by Phillips, 1872)

Leach's Belle

There are two different pedigrees for Leach's Belle in the old records. See above. The pedigree here following is the one IMHO is the most reliable.

Ch. Sancho
(w: 1866)
Brockton's Bounce
(w: 1861)
Duke of Newcastle's Bounce Duke of Portland's dog dog bought by the Duke of Portland at the 1844 Edge sale
(assume Edge of Strelly)
Francis' Belle Sancho Mentor

(from South Molton)


(bred near Newton Abbot)

Leach's Fan

(ancestors were from north of Devon)


Sons and Daughters

Some GrandKids

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