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Lapford Pearl (Lafford Pearl) (bitch, liver/white, w: June 1887, breeder Rev. C.W. Wilson (England), owner N.L. Rockwell, AKC registration spelled "Lafford Pearl", AKC 7081)

""7081 Lafford Pearl" -- N.L. Rockwell, South Norwalk, Conn. Breeder, Rev. C.W. Wilson, Lafford, Devonshire, Eng. Whelped June, 1887; liver and white; by "Duke of Hessen (6258)", out of "Duchess", by "Sambo the Devil (E.10042)", out of "Duchess", by "Don Templar", out of "Parson's Kate"." -- AKC Studbook, 1887, Vol.IV

Lapford Pearl

Ch. Duke of Hessen
(w: 1885)

Duke of Hessen

Duchess Sambo the Devil
(liver/white, slightly ticked)
(w: 1879)

NOTE -- "Sambo the Devil 10042 EKC" entry in EKC Calendar and Studbook, 1880, Vol.VIII, gives "Nero's" parents as "Sancho" out of "Juno" ... however EKC Calendar and Studbook, 1881, Vol.IX, gives "Nero's" parents as "Sancho 1004" out of "Bess"

Ch. Sancho
(w: 1866)
Juno or Bess  
Belle of the Ball
(w: 1876)
Duchess Don Templar    
Parson's Kate    

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