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Lalla Rookh (bitch, lemon/white or orange/white, w: December 1881, breeder Luke W. White, owner C.H. Odell, AKC 11174)

""11174 Lalla Rookh" -- C.H. Odell, Yonherrs, N.Y. Breeder, Luke W. White, Thomasville, N.C. Whelped December 1881; orange and white; by "Sensation's Son", out of "Champion Grace", by "Match", out of "Nell"; "Sensation's Son", by "Sensation (1261)", out of "Flirt". Field Trials: Divided 3d, Derby and all aged Stake, High Point, 1882; 3d, pointer stake, High Point, 1887." -- AKC Studbook, 1888, Vol.V

""Sensation" was the sire of but two field trial winners. These were "Belle" ... and "Sensation, Jr." ... "Belle" was out of a bitch named "Grace" and was owned by D.S. Gregory, while "Sensation, Jr." was out of "White's Grace", who belonged to Luke White. "Grace (White's)" was bred back to the Sensation blood, this time to "Sensation's Son" -- the same breeding -- and in this manner "Lalla Rookh" was produced. She was a lemon and white bitch of very handsome proportions and decidedly the best field trial performer carrying the Sensation blood that had yet been seen, but as the blood of "Grace" figures very strongly in her breeding, it may be inferred that she is more responsible for "Lalla Rookh's" quality than "Sensation", since "Grace" produced from sire as well as son." -- Hochwalt, 1911, The Pointer and Setter in America

"Later, during the same year (1882), the first important Pointer derby stake wins were made. This was in the Eastern Field Trial Club derby in which 10 English Setters, 2 Irish Setters, and 4 Pointers started. The black Pointer "Darkness" won first, the liver and white Pointer "Tick" was second, and the lemon and white Pointer "Lalla Rookh" accounted for divided third. One of the judges in this stake was Elliott Smith, who was also a judge in the All-Age stake, except, according to the records of the late Major J.M. Taylor, when Pointers ran!. In which direction he was supposed to be prejudiced the record does not state, but "Lalla Rookh" also won divided third and the Pointer "Croxteth" was second in the All-Age stake." -- The Sportsman's Bookshelf, Volume XIII, Hunting Dogs and Their Uses: The Stackpole Company, Harrisburg, PA, 1951

Lalla Rookh

Sensation's Son Sensation
(w: 1874)


Price's Jim
(R.J. Lloyd Price)
Whitehouse's Hamlet
(w: 1861)

Whitehouse Hamlet

Bird's Bob
(w: 1860)
Whitehouse's Juno
(w: 1858)
Price's Judy
("Jones Judy")
(R.J. Lloyd Price, from North Wales)
Bayley's Dash
(w: 1859)
("Jones Venus")
("Gilbert's Venus")

(littersister to "Bird's Bob")

Humphrey's Nell Old Rap  
Nina Rap
Webb's Flirt
(w: 1875)
Grafton's Jim
Finn's Grouse Griffin's Dash
Gov. Smith's Romp
Grafton's Die Knapp's Carlo
Wilkin's Fan
Webb's Whiskey
(w: 1874)

(litter sister to "Steele's Flake")

Strachan's Flash
(w: 1872)
("Sir Frederick Bruce's")
(w: 1865)

(imported 1867, "pedigree not reported" ... owner in Burges: Dr. Strachan)


(black, with white on chest)
(w: 1867)

(Burges lists her as black/white however graphic in Burges and in Hochwalt, 1911, shows her to be solid black with white on chest)

(imported by Captain Grafton ... owner in Burges: Dr. Strachan ... owner in AKC "Strachan's Flake" pedigree: General Webb)


Schiefferlin's Juno

(imported from the Marquis of Westminster's Kennels)

Marquis of Westminster's Ponto
(w: 1872)
White's Grace Match      

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