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King Bow (dog, liver/white/ticked, w: September 6, 1879, breeder Mr. Pierson, owner Detroit Kennel Club, AKC 2905)

""2905 King Bow" -- Detroit Kennel Club, Detroit, Mich. Breeder, Mr. Pierson, Potosi, Mo. Whelped Sept. 6, 1879; liver and white ticked; by "Bow (2853)" out of "Taffee". -- AKC Studbook, Vol.II

Another "King Bow"

""40076 King Bow"
Championship earned 1901 -- AKC Studbook, XVIII, 1901

""Bow" was unquestionably the best of any of the importations up to this time, and being a son of "Bang", his services were sought after. He sired the well-known bench winner "Beaufort", when bred to the native "Beulah", and "Beaufort" was considered one of the handsomest pointers in his day. He also sired "King Bow" and the field trial winner "Psyche". There were other of his daughters which also became producers of field trial and bench show winners." -- Hochwalt, 1923

King Bow

(w: 1874)


Pierson's Taffee        

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