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Am/Can/Int'l Ch. Marjetta English Kate, Am. CD
Am/Can/Int'l Ch. Marjetta Picadilly Princess

Forty Plus Generations - 150 Plus Years

This page last updated: July 11, 2001

Taken Offline for Re-Formatting, May 2003

-- NOTE: this will realistically CONTINUOUSLY be "Under Construction"
-- NOTE 2: please do not take any of this as "gospel truth" ... due to the nature of this piece and the filtering of information THERE ARE ERRORS !!!!!!!!
-- NOTE 3: this is in "outline" form and NOT traditional pedigree form ... sires (1) are listed above dams (2) and both are below the progeny
-- NOTE 4: if any errors are noticed PLEASE let me know !!!!!!!!!!!! ... thanks ... this is a massive piece and the layout gets confusing at times
-- NOTE 5: any additions, extensions, comments are very much appreciated as this appears to be a piece that will just grow and grow !!!
-- NOTE 6: fyi ... 10 generations behind the girls has 2,046 ancestors
-- NOTE 7: the background stripes are not defining generations ... they are just for ease of following sires/dams

Am/Can/Int'l Ch. Marjetta English Kate, Am. CD. (Katie, bitch, o/w, 11-16-89)
Am/Can/Int'l Ch. Marjetta Picadilly Princess (Penny, bitch, o/w, 11-16-89)

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